AI controlled gun Edit glass ball coated in rubber. Weight increase from 3gram nylon ball to 6gram glass ball has a significant kinetic impact. No wonder Tasmania banned paintball guns. An intruder with a knife can easily be taken down. Yolo neural net mounted on Tracked vehicle rc robot allows for automated targeting and take down of a gun wielding intruder. Biggest issue with this setup is figuring out how not to shoot yourself, nor responding security guards.

A hybrid solution would be best. Mount the marker on a Gimbal, PID control, Optical encoders hand held platform. Yolo identifies the intruders but will only engage if you physically pull the trigger. Nvidia Jetson is fitted with 5meg camera modules(Econsystems) streaming uncompressed YUV. In between firing rounds the Jetson flashes high power green LEDs fitted in parabolic reflectors, disorienting intruders. Yolo scales the kinetic energy of the pellet, depending on threat level(detecting gun in hands of intruder). Lidar input allows for automatic scaling of kinetic impact. A round that would will kill at 2m would incapacitate at 10m.

Hack the pneumatic design and increase the barrel diameter, thickness and air pressure slightly and you will push the ball right through an intruder. Standard markers can't handle the high pressures needed to take down an intruder effectively. A large diameter Net gun firing a rubber ball will be able to knock a person down and easily kill him if the settings are to high.

  • can shoot through car window with standard paintball marker.
  • The most powerful paintball gun on the market today should be this one, the Tiberius T4.1 with a 35ci Ninja HPA Tank, output at 850psi. It is shooting at a skull splitting 32.4 JOULES with BREAKER BALLS! The gun can fire up to 36 joules with 1200psi output tank (proven in my own lab test) and can even boost up to 40 joules if more work is done on the reg and tank. The Tiberius T8.1 and T9.1 can max get up to 28 joules and sometimes to 30 joules mark, but not the 32 joules in a consistent manner yet. This T4.1 is totally outstanding. We have shot a mag off camera and it is still going around this power throughout the mag, which proved you that it is not a fluke or peak shot, it's the AVERAGE power. full auto, 15 ball/s. Shooting the Empire BT Dfender paintball marker (0.68 Cal) with graphite coated breaker balls at full auto on a denim wrapped target. The gun is firing at 28-30 joules.

youtube Edit

Pepperball wyz228g youtube Industrial three port direction control valve DIY airgun valves 1.2mil views Hammer valve diy airgun shoots through a brick. Armor piercing pellets. Airgun that Shoots Arrows - FX Verminator Extreme MKII . Shoots a crossbow arrow with compressed air. Airbow, shoots arrows.

Tippmann Edit tippmann marker mechanism.

Sentry gun Edit mounted on lazy susan or turntable bearing . - Automated, target tracking, hands-free sentry gun! This video is old! click my name to see newer videos of this system.

Pepper balls Edit

Place small lead ball inside nylon ball. It would probably increase kinetic energy by a factor of two. Cut nylon ball in half and drill small half hole for lead ball. Melt both sides of nylon ball , insert lead ball and quickly squeeze together. Probably a simpler idea is to drill to the center of the nylon ball, insert the lead ball and then seal it with molten nylon. Recycled nylon is available for R10/kg from Ames agencies Jhb.

Usually we try to prevent an intruder from breaking into a specific room. An alternative is to allow him to break in and then blast him with pepper ball using OpenTLD controlled tracking robot.

  • On perimeter intrusion in bush shoot intruder with scent ball
  • Each room has steel hooks on which to mount a removable steel security door, blocking the intruders path.
  • Place a pepperball robot turret inside that room fitted with SerialCameras and blast the intruder with paintball and pepperball, thus avoiding a murder or attempted murder charge.

Strobe flashing LED Edit Most intruder alarm systems simply let you know that someone has passed within the detection zone. Until you or your armed response service arrives on the scene no response action can be taken. With the specially developed PBM paint ball deterrent, you have an instant and powerful response capability, yet it is less than lethal. The machine can deliver up to 10 rounds of paint ball missiles per second in 5 second bursts, aimed where the eye has picked up movement or a heat signal. It delivers a simple and powerful targeted message… ,

  • Inferno Strobocop LED produces a blinding, intense flashlight that renders the intruder unable to see. Inferno Strobocop LED has an irregular flash pattern to shock and disorientate. It effects and reduces the sense of locality in dark spaces. Inferno Strobocop LED is with advantage combined with Inferno Sound Barriers for maximum effect, but can be used as a stand-alone security device.
  • Empire BT 4 Combat Slice G36 Paintball Marker
  • "....Triggering this safe means you are immediately back in control …not the intruder. Safe supplied with alarmed door trigger...." Well at least somebody is reading this wiki, such an obvious idea that was wikified years ago...

Inferno Edit

Net gun Edit

Mount the compressed air non-lethal Net gun on a robot to capture intruder outside. Then shoot him with the pepper ball gun. Be careful to mount pepperball guns on robots, usually in 99% of cases something short circuits and the owner gets shot. Let it rather be a harmless net you can get out of. OpenTLD is used for targeting and automatic tracking.

Facial recognition Edit

FacialRecognition software determines if a foreign person is in house and aim the pepperball gun on his face. Such a setup is actually more deadly and effective than a fire-arm. One wouldn't attach a gun to a turret it could get stolen and involves a mandatory murder investigation. Pepperball only involves an assault investigation. It would be foolish to confront an armed intruder with a pepper ball physically in person. Rather have a RoboTics Club, Robotics Wiki, RoboTics do it.

It will also force him to discharge his fire-arm. Under South-African law if there is any doubt as to whether extreme force was law-full, the first person that shoots is usually the guilty party. There was a case where a policemen and home occupant mistakenly both fired at each other at the same time. The NPA prosecuted the person which ballistics showed pulled the trigger first.

Smoke canister in each room Edit

  • Have a gasmask available.
  • Place a hidden smoke generator canister in each room.
  • Intruder won't be able to see in front of him and the smoke will be choking.
  • Thermal cameras will be able to see through smoke.
  • Incapacitate with Net gun

Targeting intruders non-lethally Edit

Mount green lasers of suitable power output around the house to target an intruders eyes on RC servo's. An optical dispersion lens is used to widen the laser beam. Facial tracking is done using OpenTLD. As the target moves, his face is targeted automatically with the software, focusing multiple green flashing lasers, which will make it impossible to see. If a high powered laser it used an intruder could even be blinded, use low wattage laser. What happens in 99% of cases with a system like this, is the owner of the house gets a shot full of green laser light accidentally after forgetting to de-activate the alarm on returning from work. It is to protect your own vision that lasers be used which can't inflict permanent damage.

Mount the laser on a robot, armed with pepper ball gun and laser. Again , what eventually will happen is the software will shortcircuit and the owner get blasted in the face with his own robot. It is difficult if not impossible to prevent this from happening if military like protocol and safety procedures are't followed. Rather mount a Net gun which isn't harmful .

360 degree turret Edit

Make a 360degree compressed air turret that fires objects 360. Use acid filled glass balls in pepperball or paintball gun.

Acid balls Edit

Fill glass balls with acid, which would make a pepper ball gun just as effective as a fire-arm.

RC controlled paintball turret Edit

Try and avoid any type of wireless signal to control a turret, it can easily be jammed or hacked. Use fixed wires. pr.3

Pepperball gun control via RS485 Edit

Home made Robot Edit

* Use "OSMC" opensource drivers to build own robot.
* The RoboTics with EmbeddedPc gets a DhCp lease from the MeshNetworking.
* Robot and pepperball are remotely piloted from any Internet connection around perimeter.

Mobile remote controlled turret Edit

Carry a small mobile platform consisting of two servos, RadioModems, InfraRedLeds, CctvCameras and pepperball gun. On detecting an intrusion by lets say 4 armed intruders walking up a farm place the MobilePlatForm to intercept them. Position yourself a safe distance from the platform and view the image through the headmounted VideoGoggles. For the RadioModems interface use for example the Zigbee module that transmits 300kb using the AT command set on 2.4ghz and an analogue 2.4ghz video trasmitter with a patch antenna. The analogue video transmitter must be on a different channel then the Zigbee module. It is not such a brilliant idea to confront armed intruders with a pepperball gun alone, they probably will shoot back. Our gun laws are so draconian that about the only way you will stay out of trouble is if the intruder shoots first before you shoot him.

Curtains connected to DC motor Edit

* Connect curtains to DC motor to open and close the curtains.
* On detecting a break-in at window, remotely open curtains with ["RS485"] signal.
* Via ["RS485"] and joystick position Pepperball turret inside each room and shoot intruder.

Metal detector Edit

* Fireing a metal ball through turret could kill an intruder
* Place metal detector around ammunition box to make certain that no metal is inside.
* Ammoholder must have a tamper switch connected to ["RS485"] to send GpsAndGrps signal to your cell.

Place pepperball turret in roof Edit

* Use PIR to give approximate position of intruder.
* Place infrared beams inside roof above rooms to determine what rooom an intruder will enter.
* Roofs should probably be Zink and not tiles given our security situation. 

Own community security company Edit

Create our own SIRA registered security company. The security operator takes control of the pepperball turret via the DsLam and RS485 control lines. An agreement and contract is signed which means that the security company is liable for any criminal or civil issues arising out of shooting an intruder with a pepperball. This allows us to game the legal system as per GPL_and_BSD#Church.27s_Thesis, if the security company is bankrupted, then start another one. You can see why proper Encryption knowledge is crucial when wangling schemes like this. All discussion must be done with your cellphones locked inside FarradayCage, HardWare and battery removed as the phones creates an ultrasonic link to anything with a microphone.

External Links Edit converts market to bb machine gun 600fps. Lookup PotatoGun peppergas alarm sprays room smoke from wax crayons .50cal air gun