Antenna diversity with 2 antennas

I did hear a rumor that the Atheros chipset supported full diversity. Can anyone confirm this? I have yet to find a PCMCIA card that offers full diversity. The Senao cards work best for diversity in my testing. We commonly use an omni directional antenna attached to the primary jack (transmit & receive) and a second directional panel antenna attached to the secondary jack (receive only). If you want full transmit and receive capabilities on both antennas you can use a splitter but take into account your signal loss in using one.

So that’s the jack closest to the LED lights? What chipset supports full diversity? Only one of the Antenna jacks on the SMC cards Transmits and receives the second jack only receives. With the card sitting label side up with the antenna jacks to your left the jack closest to you is the send and receive jack. I have a meshbox with an SMC2532W-B High Power card with 2 ext antennas. Can I utilise antenna diversity and install 2 - 90deg sector antennas that both transmit and receive. I read that the Prism chipsets did not support full antenna diversity – is this correct

Links Edit

AnteNnas, MeshNetworking

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