Oxford research Edit

[8]D. M. Holburn, R. J. Mears, R. J. Samsudin, V. M. Joyner, and V. A. Lalithambika, "CMOS 155-Mb/s optical wireless transmitter for indoor networks," Proceedings of the SPIE The International Society for Optical Engineering , vol. 4214, pp. 124-32, 2001.

favorite chips Edit

Infra-red : Don't rebuild IrDA unless you are doing something really simple

   Simple solution: just hook an IR transceiver to a USART
   Complex (or at least not simple): MAX3120 - Single chip IRDA modulator: hook one end to USART and the other end to IR transceiver, 115 kbps @ 1 meter

4meg IRDA Edit

Use the LT1328CMS8 4meg IrDa chip for data reception. Do Mpeg4Compression down to 4meg on a CctvCameras stream transmit 500m to a central node via RonjaChips IR transmitter. Main advantage of the 4meg Linear chip is the low cost of $3 and no spectrum pollution.

115kbit/s IR transceiver Edit Stock for vishay

Measuring 1.9 mm high, 3.1 mm deep, and 6 mm long, the TFBS4711 transceiver is designed for short-range wireless applications using infrared connectivity. It features a data rate of 115 kbits/s. The device will find homes in cell phones, PDAs, digital cameras, Point and Pay applications, or in any other situation where designers must find space for connectors, buttons, antennas, or displays required of other wireless technologies. Engineering samples are available now.

Book with links to links: Optical wireless communication: - See OpticalPapers for links from this book

short-range in infrared wireless transceiver

T. Fuji and Y. Kikkawa, 'Optical Space Transmission Module,' Net% .... works and transmission systems, indoor LANs using free-space optical com- ...

Fuji and Y. Kikkawa, "Optical Space Transmission Module," Nat'l Tech. Report,

irda Edit

IRMS6452 IRDA 4meg/s

Use the RonjaChips IR transmitter circuit and IrDa as the receiver.

IrDa microline

IRM7001 SIR serial infra red

links Edit


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