Ethernet bridge Edit

Convert the electrical signal to FreeSpaceOptics optical and bridge two switches. The switches are daisy-chained as per AmazonForum. Switch or store forward

USB bridge Edit

Connect a Mpeg4Compression USB camera to a RONJA FSO. Use RONJA as protocol neutral bridge to essentially extend the USB datastream 1km.? What is the datarate of USB of hte MPEG2 chip used.

startech usbthere usb to ethernet via fiber Edit

Reverse engineer the driving circuitry via BoMarc and build a FreeSpaceOptics link USB converter. Use the USB FpGa kit to build USB interface with analogue driving circuitry interfaced to FSO.

UTP to fiber conversion 1gig Edit

One port fiber transceiver Edit

Reverse engineer driving circuitry via BoMarc to enable design for FSO system.

Laser system Edit

links Edit


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