Librepilot Edit

hrdware distribEdit dead link dead link

openpilot store, turnigy solution file under rc gear on wiki new commercial one probably lifted code

Simple solution, to spend $30 on an FrSky Tx/Rx module to plug into your radio, which would solve the problem, and give a ton of other advantages, you persisted in DEMANDING that the devteam fix the PPM Encoder software to work with your Turnigy Rx.

V-tail provides best Yaw control Edit Six motors + two for v-tail - Octacopter

Fixed wing Edit

The fixed wing code won't work , , they have not yet integrated wind speed measurements like Gentlenav have. Gentlenav DCM solved a problem not possible with Kalman it seems. With quads, openpilot has the edge at the moment.

open pilot Edit

As we are a GPL project, code reuse is a major asset that we can leverage both for ideas and to re-use code directly. There are a couple of projects we have already used or plan to use code from and this speeds up development as well reducing bugs because we are using known good code. Of course we can only use code where the license allows, for example GPL, LGPL and BSD licensed projects. Examples are Booz from Paparazzi and UAVX from Professor Egan and Dr. Jim. Of course this is a two way street, they can also share code we create as well so everyone wins.

tri-copter Edit

4nano frame Edit

notes Edit


you search on ebay for "mini micro jst connector" you will find a good hong kong sellar named sammylam for a lot of different jst cables and connectors including the ones used for OP. It might be possible to contact him and ask if he can provide complete cables with both micro jst and servo connectors. (He did provide a friend of mine with some other custom cables when asked but that was a year ago) OPENPILOT PCB


clones Edit

openpilot clone

openpilot clone

Multirotor controller with Autolevel Flybarless heli controller with Autolevel Fixed winged UAVcontroller

32 bit STM32F103CBT6 ARM Cortex-M3 processor at 72MHz. Gyro: IDG-500 and ISZ-500 for 500 deg/s in 3-axisAccel: ADXL345 Flash: 4 megabits


Links Edit

OPENPILOT see prop link yo tau labs, developers Who forked openpilot!forum/phoenixpilot Openpilot google groups. Peapody etc. clone site. Drotek openpilot clone openpilot forum

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