Thermal Edit

The Thermopile Shield gives your OpenMV Cam the ability to see heat. With the Thermopile Shield you can now overlay heat maps on your images. The Thermopile Shield mounts to the front of your OpenMV Cam. Additionally, the thermal sensor does not require any light source at all – neither regular nor IR light. You can use the Thermopile Shield for passive sensing application in pitch black. Because the board can be easily scripted in Python, it can be configured to be pretty much any computer vision sensor you want it to be, from optical flow and line detection to full-on object recognition and tracking. Even better, it can now instantiate as a MAVLink sensor, so you can add it to any MAVLink-compatible autopilot as a sensor.

Here's the code for making it a MAVlink optical flow sensor.

And here's the code for making it a MAVLink April Tag sensor. April tags are the best way to recognize codes from afar with computer vision. Demo below and more info here: Apriltags MAVLink AprilTags Landing Target Script. This script sends out AprilTag detections using the MAVLink protocol to an ArduPilot/PixHawk controller for precision landing using your OpenMV Cam.

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