script Edit from

opencv 2.4.1 Edit makeinfo needed for

install Edit

pip3 install moviepy pillow

pyqt4 Edit

openBlas Edit

libconfig Edit

Download ffmpeg from 11 The ffmpeg
program has a lesser general public license (LGPL). To use it with non-GPL software
(such as OpenCV), build and use a shared ffmpg library:
$> ./configure --enable-shared
$> make
$> sudo make install
You will end up with: /usr/local/lib/*, /usr/local/lib/*,
/usr/local/lib/*, and include files under various /usr/local/include/libav*.
To build OpenCV once it is downloaded: 12
mkdir build && cd build
cmake .. && make
sudo make install
sudo ldconfig
After installation is complete, the default installation path is /usr/local/lib/ and
/usr/local/include/opencv2/. Hence you need to add /usr/local/lib/ to /etc/ (and
run ldconfig afterwards) or add it to the LD_LIBRARY_PATH environment variable;
then you are done.

package contents Edit

dpkg -L pkgname , libvidxcore-dev

links Edit


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