Protect safe Edit

Attach multiple InfraRedLeds modules to a safe which in turn is placed inside of a cabinet to prevent insects from triggering an alert.

The InfraRedLeds emits a continues stream of CRC or some other error detecting and correcting algorithm stream of data onto a CAN or RS485 network, which in turn triggers an alert on any attempt to either break the LED beams or flood the receiving PIN diode with a false LED signal. See RonjaChips for what type of PIN diodes to use.

Secure Plasma display television Edit

Attach an array of InfraRedLeds of upto ten in number on the top of the television. These leds in turn communicate with the receiving CAN bus attached to the roof. If just 4 or 5 break no alarm is triggered such as a bird flying through the beams. Only if all 10 beams don't signal for 30seconds does it mean somebody removed the television set from its stand.

Attach an rate Gyro IMU system such as an Ardino from RateGyro2 inside the television. Any movement of the TV will trigger the accelerometer which in turn emits a signal.

Links Edit

SecureSafeInRoom, FreeSpaceOptics

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