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We have seen this behavior when wireless connectivity is almost "good enough" meaning either the signal is just strong enough or interference doesn't prohibit pings and such, yet HTTP traffic for some reason suffers intermittent behavior. When pinging from remote to root node, you will see this situation result in DUP pings and ping times that jump WAY up sporadically.

> I have a problem with HTTP(S) traffic. Every now and then all HTTP(S) > traffic over the MeshAp is slow or even totally blocked. This lasts for > a few minutes or sometimes half an hour and then suddenly it works okay > again. But within a hour, and sometimes just minutes, the problem > starts again. Only HTTP(S) traffic seemds to be affected. FTP, mail and > ping still work fine, while all HTTP(S) is blocked. > A reboot solves it, but but not for long. The number of clients does > not make any difference; even with just one user the results are the > same. Theres no difference whether the requested webserver is on the > internet or on the same LAN as the MeshAp > I was using build98 and tried several older versions. The older > (build8x) versions seem to have the problem a bit less (not sure), but > still too much for keeping my customers satisfied. There is no > difference between MAC or password authenticated users. > My hardware is based on the standard meshbox (VIA board). > Any ideas?

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