Preferred solution

diy make it extreme from Machine_design#Make_it_extreme channel. Application is as antidrone launcher.

Pneumatic cannon


Also known as Pneumatic launcher. Finned projectile reaches 600m. eclipse technologies. Can put out 91joules , which is just under lethal. Comes in three versions, a barrel roll and linear magazine fed system. Punches a hole through a sand blanket. This design can easily be copied. Available ammunition consists of blunt impact rounds with foam tipped or OC powder payloads, pneumatically timed aerosol canisters, smoke, illumination rounds in pyrotechnic or electric versions, IR targeting beacons, hornet's nest and pepperball shot. Any type of material can be used as projectile, making it a lethal weapon or a weapon able to knock over somebody with a bullet proof vest. And 100% legal under SA law because the legality depends on joule energy used. Above a certain joule it effectively becomes a firearm.


Fog dispersion Fog protection, blasts room full of fog, intruder can't see anything PROTECT South Africa 777 Mabula Crescent, Faerie Glen ,0043 Pretoria; +27 828 197 525

Human incapacitating Uses air Uses air DIY

Other!!!-How-To-Make-One-That-Can-Shoot-40/ Machine out of aluminium,plastic can explode.

Vehicle incapacitating

Patent held by,



Tazer gun

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