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MULTIPE IP's on one NIC ANSW: Just do it, as long as the IP's presented from your router to the gateway are all in the same subnet it will work fine (public or private), then just host map each IP though to your client's, no specialsetup for the additional IP's is required. The host mapping points to the node the client is on and their fixed IP,if you use host mapping make sure that if the client is on the Ethernet of the node that each LAN (Ethernet) on each node is on a different subnet and not the default of 192.168.1
So if the IP's presented by your router to the gateway are private say, .3, .4 etc, and your clients are on nodes with cell ID's 173,147,131 the host mapping on the gateway would loaok like:

* 173    client is connected wirelessly
* 147 client is connected via Ethernet
* 131 client is connected via Ethernet

Just make sure your clients get a fixed IP outside the DHCP range on thenode they are connecting to.Really there should fields for each node in wiana to allocate fixed IP's to given MAC's as dhcpd on the nodes support this, IPCop has had this facility for years. It makes it much easier to track which fixed IP's you have given to which clients and means the clients can still be set on AUTO negotiate, also making life much easier for Laptops.

ifconfig eth0 add "new ip"
This will add a new ip to your eth0 interface preserving the old one. However, ip should be consistent with the same address with the first one as far as I know.

Can some help with a command please. I want to add multiple ip address's to a single NIC in the mesh box. The purpose for this is so that I can assign static WAN address to some users.I have eight external address's but the router will only allow one wanaddress to one LAN ip address, but if I can add eight LAN address to my mesh NIC then I can route the address's from the router to the mesh boxes NIC andthen route the LAN address to a mesh client, thus giving them a staticaddress.


What i have know: <br>
 ADSL ---Router------Mesh-----Client<br>
 What i need:<br>


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