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Most stable frame, with code under GPL and hex binary file. Decompile this hex file, combine the best code from all the GPL projects(Aero,Ardu,Pirates Gluon etc) to deliver a stable quad project in South-Africa, because our legal code(or lack of it) protects us. See HackPatents. Mikro uses EKF and not DCM(directed cosine matrix), DCM has lots of issues with Yaw control. The Diydrones projext uses DCM. Reverse engineer and copy the hardware from , there is not much anybody can do about it under South-African law. If you have to much assets then use a fronting company to sell and distribute.

MikroKopter is considered the most stable control platform at present, but has limitations , won't allow the drone to fly further than 250m. vimeo video

brushless controllerEdit for MK

clone siteEdit Camera mounts to copy and HackPatents

shop Edit

Arthur P code Edit

Some of the best copter code is under mikrocopter "........This a huge difference between and MikroKopter, they have a community and have some genius people in it, however the project can not easily adopt what they do but because their commercial nature. This is why there are so many branches of MikroKopter code, for example ArthurP did some nice changes to the altitude hold code but this can not be adopted back in to the project because the owners worry about licensing....". See

Arthur P branch;

Links Edit OKTACOPTER frames

Kill the jitter from motors -

* Notes on the German Mikrokopter
* 1kg payload
* Vision guidance and navigation
* Open source quadrocopter code
* Payload 1kg


*  German quad design with IMU used in
* components and PCB's at
* PCB's  availlable at the EPI website:
*  copter OS
*  Octo I2C burnout prevention

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