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How do you hve rts set on your cpe? If its not set to 250 to match the meshnode then one hidden node client can jam up all the avalbe wireless airtime regardlss of how you set the bandidth shaping. This coud be what you are seeing.

>I think the periodic slow down might be caused by a kernel panic. I also >have seen this intermittent slow downs on my systems. I am also wondering >how you are going to use Mikrotik as your traffic shaper? I would love to use Mikrotik as my radius and traffic shaping part of my mesh.

>> I see this happen all the time, I have never found a solution, I do have >> a question though, how are you going to use your mikrotiok to shape >> traffic, when all the NATing is done inside the mesh?

>> Can someone please help me, I am also going insane...

>> I have a simple 4 node mesh running dev98. A couple members were >> reporting very poor connectivity. Ping reported dropped packets >> between the bridge and the repeater, the connection was somewhat >> marginal.

>> I installed a bigger (12db) antenna on the repeater. Even after >> that, the speed would be fast for awhile then extremely slow, >> sometime disconnecting. Ping still reported dropped packets even >> though the connection was now ok. I replaced the radio on the >> repeater and this solved most of the problems, but... >> >> Ping was now reporting dropped packets between the repeater and the >> gateway. I permanently blocked this weak route and this got better. >> I also realized that when someone was doing heavy downloads, it >> prevented other members from using the system. I used to have >> 512kbps download with burst to 1Mbps for members (on a T1). After I

>> reduced the burst to 512kbps it solves this particular problem, >> although I still see some connections going over 512kbps at times, >> bizarre. I guess I will have to use my Mikrotik router to do

>> bandwidth shaping. >> >> The remaining problem I have is that some members are reporting that

>> the system can be quite responsive some times, but some other times, >> the speed would be good for a minute than very bad for a minute, >> then good again, etc... I do have automatic power control off, >> repeaters are using new Senao 200mw mini-PCI radios to 12db >> antennas, all clients are using Senao bridges with 6db antennas. >>

>> **Has anyone witnessed (and resolved) a similar problem? I looked at >> the processes running every few minutes and I see plink, apush, >> splashtest... Would any of these cause this behavior? Should I >> disable signal testing? Would the internal watchdog do this?

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RouTing , CronTunnel , BroadcastStorm

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