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Foundry Edit The crucible material is important too- cannot use steel/iron pipe anywhere in the process, it will dramatically contaminate the aluminum, which is effectively a pretty good solvent for it when molten. Also consider how you're going to evaluate the alloy in your castings, which means probably you'll need to pour several molds per melt so you can cut up and test some, then repeat the process until the final alloy more or less conforms to some kind of spec adequate for the application.

For openers, use a metal of known alloy. One that has worked well is 713 (Tenzaloy™). After that are good foundry practices, degassing, keep iron away from the melt, good mold practices such as gating, risers and venting. The Effect of Iron in Al-Si Casting Alloys

If you want to make a casting then you need a cast alloy. thus you melt castings, transmission cases, cylinder heads, etc. As previously stated it must be in a refractory lined vessel. DO NOT ADD OTHER CRAP. Cans and chips will burn up and create a lot of dross to be skimmed off. Sheet items, wire, etc will alter your alloy and likey prevent it from flowing and filling the mold. A layer of common table salt will reduce oxide formation. I'm sure it can be done but is it worth while? Is this an irreplaceable part?

Oxidation of melting metals Edit Small quantities of beryllium, when introduced to magnesium and aluminum melts, provide substantial manufacturing benefits in terms of direct cost savings and pro- duct quality. When beryllium is added to the melt in small quantities much of it forms beryllium oxide. As a surface film, beryllium oxide creates a superior barrier to further oxidation. The improved barrier inhibits dross formation, limits magnesium ignition and improves metal yield. By preventing oxygen migration into the melt, the beryllium addition enhances metal cleanliness leading to improved mechanical properties and visual characteristics of the casting. Can I use soda and/or beer cans as an aluminum source? Yes you can but there is a "trick" to using them successfully. Since the cans are so thin they easily burn and oxidize rather than melt. For this reason many people say they should not be used. But if you already have a good pool of molton aluminum in the crucible then the can can be melted efficiently by crushing them (top to bottom) and dropping them into the pool. If the dry cans are pushed below the pool's surface they will melt and be less likely to oxidise. This aluminum is almost pure (unlike car cyclinder heads which are alloys). So the metal will usually shrink more when cast. but it is extream;ly shiny making it good for small decorative castings. good foundry practice

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Foundary with coal Edit fire cement 5 pound casting with sodium silicate sand. weld aluminum with aluminum brazing rod, no welder used.

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  • by uploader modernblacksmith. Sells in kit form. Die grinder with carbide bit enlarges center of break drum. Any steel bits on the eye is removed with a magnet(wear glasses and have a magnet nearby) out of the eye and don't blink the eye, the metal will scratch the cornea. Wear swimming goggles for complete eye coverage. Fumes from galvanized steel are fatally toxic. Clamp pieces to bench,don't hold down with hands and don't wear gloves, it gets caught in the drill bit twisting fingers.
  • -----------------------
  • break drum forge attached to old

lawnmower, provides large cavity for coal. Plumbers nozzle at bottom periodically removed to extract ashes.

Electric arc furnace Edit Battery electrodes, small diy furnace out of fire brick.

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Use for attaching pipes to blowers. It is stronger than duct tape.

cast iron Edit Fireclay at base of 20l oil drum. Sodium silicate glues Kaowool to steel drum. Zircon paint protects wool Make foundary from discarded propane tank. concrete form tube from building supply for blanket.

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Interesting but not priority.

Suppliers Edit crucibles, refractory cement

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  • Cape gate wire and steel manufacturers , (van der bijlpark, vereeniging or Emfuleni. Main road is Nobel Boulevard.

Foundaries Edit Iron casting foundaries in SA have first choice to purchase bulk scrap before a scrap yard is allowed to export. Price preference calculations for scrap metal will be done by ITAC for all the different types of scrap metal listed in paragraph 3 (and the various grades thereof) using, in general but not exclusively, Scrap , as an international benchmark price. From the average price achieved during the previous month, or quarter, where applicable, for the different types and grades of scrap metal, an amount of 20% will be deducted to reflect the price at which scrap metal must be offered for sale to the domestic consuming industry in accordance with ITAC's Report 441. Such a price will be ex-works the yard of the applicant. cans are talab/tale

Glues Edit ABS plastic to metal bonding by versachem , plastic welder

Waste oil burner Edit by oil burner uploader

Tube notching Edit Pilot small hole on right side of tube and larger on other side, then drill through, the smaller hole alignes the drill bit with the larger left side entry hole. Use a hole saw 3mm larger than tube being notched. bench drill idea. The 7024 rod is perhaps the easiest to use. Also known as a "drag rod," this electrode's thick flux automatically maintains the correct arc length, which allows you to drag the rod directly along the work piece. - See more at: I don't know if this will help you, but I have used the Lincoln 1/16" E6013 on 18 gauge mild steel with my Harbor Freight 80 Amp Inverter arc welder---I had no problems with blowthrough whatsoever, but I had to keep it at 40 amps and have the workpiece be very clean

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