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My e-mail service provider ( offers an easy to use possibility, to make personal archive from mails, group of mails. On the mail server can dump in files the messages, the filename comes from the Subject field of the messages headers, the file extension is .eml. The archiver software compress this files in a zip file, and offers the download this file. I uncomress some this mail archive files on my small, old web server, it is my personal archive of the MeshaAPusers list. The messages started the beginning of May 2004, and counts cc. 2000 files. It is not a searchable text database, can find only some keywords in the filename/Subject fields. You can browse this files from here: or: The wellknown browsers recognize this files as message/rfc822 mime type, and process it in different way. I tested only with an old Netscape, the IE ver 5.0, and two Mozilla versions. The Netscape and newer Mozilla process the messages headers, cut it and display the From, To, Subject fileds only, and the body of the messages. The old IE cut the messages headers totaly, dont display it, and you dont able to save it. Display only the text of the messages body. (Of course, you can configure your browser to present this file type correctly, but I dont deal with this).

So: this is not a complete, searchable mail archive, but mybe useful.

best: t.janos Janos Tolgyesi Research Group for Communications Studies ELTE Universty, Budapest

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