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Gears and Gear Drives , By Damir T. Jelaska

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Bearing inside pipe Round pipe cut in half piece inserted into channel(top part of square tube removed) and bearing inserted.

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  • Brown and sharp tools publisher,
  • Machinery's handbook , Chicago gear works

Design tutorials Boston gear design tutorials on worm,spur, bevel gears. See chapter 4 on worm gear throat, pitch, addendum, dedendum. Pitch diameter , number of teeth gears p.119

Trade journals Canadian machinery and metalworking (January-December 1907) trade practice articles on shaping of cutting tools

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Universal joints, Bevel gears

Youtube videos DIY line boring tool

ASEE Albert w. smith 1905 Peter Sawchuck is required to design a two-speed gear box for a cold rolling mill coiler. He undertakes the design of a one-off unit that will satisfy the requirements. The basic gear design is governed by AGMA specs, but the remaining components are governed by reliability and economic considerations. This case study is part of the American Society for Engineering Education (ASEE) Engineering Case Library (ECL), which can be downloaded in full as a 300mb zip file. The Engineering Case Program originated at Stanford University in 1964 with the support of the National Science Foundation. The catalog was maintained by Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology and Carleton University. It continues under the sponsorship of the Design in Engineering Education Division (DEED) of the ASEE.

Riveting and hardening hand riveting

Gadgets Hammerhead dryscrew installer with magnetic grip. Makita fast screw in device (patented and hackable)