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tail stock cut tapers without having to gibbs tailstock

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lathe bearing design plain bearings or journal bearings have the best vibration damping characteristics. BEC7 roller bearings have the same tight tolerances,but not the Vibration absorption.

Router Edit Lathe on router

Morse taper Edit by SegmentedTurner Morse taper inserts into spindle. old tony

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wikishare Edit links to the pages below

Forum fixed gantry out of steel a portable mill steel router build log FORUM This is a very simple way to use a cheap PIC to run a DC motor at a very slow speed, and for that speed to have very high acc

Home made mill Edit eight part series by channel "home made lathe"

zealcnc Edit 350kg diy mill. Zaxis frame bolted to y axis with 16 bolts.

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bearings and morse taper 3

Mong Tran Edit home made metal lathe

Ray Makes Edit HomeMade Lathe Bearings Part 3 - self aligning roller bearings part 1

diy lathe2 and spindle Edit Auto Reset / ELS Synchronizing Sys. (using 2 proximity sensors, 1 Pulse/Rev): Leadscrew starts running if chuck and leadscrew are at home position. Holes drilling division (Chuck lock): with steps of 10 degree. Headstock faceplate bearing adjusted with four gib screws, one each on square block, shifting the self aligning bearing. lathe spindle.

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DIY lathe Edit two square tubes with rails on top spaced out and tacked welded with blocks in between on both ends. Welding bends metal. geniusz K diy belt sander milling attachment

See channel for diy mill, drillpress, pipe bender. (same UP)

mill Adam Maszynotwór Edit DIY 4th axis mill

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Epoxy granite Edit Mill track for linear guide out of large square steel pipe. haven't noticed any deformation. The tube is now stuffed with epoxy granite and making an excellent lathe bed and absorb Vibration. I'd say you go for it. It's cheap as chips and works like a charm if you attach some hiwin style linear guides to it. ( Epoxy granite, also known as synthetic granite,[1] is a mixture of epoxy and granite commonly used as an alternative material for machine tool bases. Epoxy granite is used instead of cast iron and steel for better vibration damping, longer tool life, and lower assembly cost.) (forked from See slant bed lathe When you consider that even a heavy "bench" mill like the IH still weighs just under 1,000 pounds, while a really small commercial CNC mill such as the Haas TM-1 weighs in at about 3,000 pounds, you can see we hobbyists are challenged to do whatever we can to increase machine rigidity! , Part one, bed risers lathe epoxy granite youtube , longest thread epoxy granite

Haas lathe with square linear guides from Guides are raised 10cm above base , creating a depression for chip deposits. See scinta model on

lathe project Edit myford mill conversion

Bridgeport mill Edit Disks stacked on each other, held together with threaded rod along the length(only a model though). The nod and tram concept is easily copied.

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HomeMadeMillCNC Mill the groves out of support platform out of solid slab aluminum , DIY build.

Large millford type mill build. Two x six centimeter metal plate welded onto large pipe. Fill pipe with concrete or epoxy concrete for vibration damping. Thirty kg of epoxy concrete is $120.

modelengineercouk Thought this may be of interest to other members who might have a Myford VMB milling machine and how I converted it to CNC. The machine has developed over time. Here is its current state of play...The Blue bits are mostly the added items. bill t, link to Machine design#Youtube uploaders factorydragon87. This mill design levers the platform, simplifying the milling head design.

model engineer uk Edit DIY lathy build

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4th axis Edit making a gearbox worm for a fourth axis, oil seals.

Stepperhead Edit Designed and built by Alan Jackson, the Stepperhead is an attempt to combine, in one unit, the range of facilities found in a medium sized lathe and a small vertical/horizontal milling machine. In the 1950s David Urwick had designed and built the ingenious and versatile Metalmaster , a device that combined a lathe and milling machine without unduly compromising the attributes of either.

lathe 1 Edit Harbor freight mini lathe making a lathe face plate with aluminium casting quick change toolpost

lathe Edit build hand tool lathe Building a Hand Drill Lathe (How To) Homemade Wood lathe Duplicator using an angle grinder King Arthur wheel on grinder for lathe work DIY lathe for woodwork Lathe from old DRILLPRESS micro or mini lathe Homde made lathe BEVEL block bearings, shows pictures . Huge lathe built from scratch with pictures.

check out sherline 4000 mini micor lathe

Lathe face cutters

milling , gear making helical gear is cut on lathe. this is preferred can be reproduced. Helical with CNC machine.

hobbynut channel Edit CNC or mill(manually) cutting worm gear. adapt with DIY drill lathe . Hand drill rotates at high speed with a cutting tool, lathe part is done at angle to cut worm pattern out of plastic. The angle of the drill bit determines how thick or thin the worm gear edges are.

tutorial Edit telescope worm wheel

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stupid idea will be moved to the bottom later links to and

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