Solar Dc to AC Edit

Install cheap $60 1500W Watts Car Power Inverters at each wall AC power outlet($0.04/watt). Five kw inverters at $600 are $0.12 per kw, 3x more than the car Inverters. Relays controlled over Ethernet or CAN bus select between AC or DC input power to the appliance on additional external DC wiring. An external DC capacitor attaches to the car inverter to compensate for the distance. (search for power of ethernet). The higher the DC input voltage(12,24 ,48dc) the lower the current requirements.A fire hazard occurs if the conductor cannot source the desired current. An appliance or electric motor over heating(ac or dc) is a sure sign of this. Monitor the temp of the motor with a thermocouple. 1500watts at 12v = 125amps.

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