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25hour flight across Atlantic on 1litre of petrol. Large inverted V-tail design which gives it stability in high cross winds, where other planes won't work. InfraRedLeds#Long_range_IR_illumination or ThermalImagingCameras are built into the air frame for long range night vision. One of the big advantages in favor of inverted V tail designs is its stability in cross wind situations. For an example when hit by a cross wind gust on landing, the inverted V will cause the airplane to pitch up as opposed to diving into the ground. Mounting of the engine at the back of the plane allows for reduced vibration possibilities. Place a Vibration wire rope absorbing material between the frame and the engine. Vibration tends to saturate the IMU RateGyro2's. not inverted

Other Edit Great project. You can learn a lot designing your own airframe. Many of your thoughts are spot on correct. Some of them are not clear to a wide range aviation enthusiats, e.g. the advantages of an inverted V-tail. The designers of Aerosonde and the Penguin found the same solution. We designed a similar airframe from scratch, the Y-UAV. Our colleagues nearby designed the UMARS. We designed the Y-UAV for the UAV Outback Challenge. At the end we had a nice airframe but not enough time to concentrate on the more crucial parts of an UAV, like the autopilot or the long range radio link and for system integration. We did not have enough time on the field for testing, training and optimization. In the hindsight the nice airframe was not worth the effort. The airframe is not the crucial part of an UAS. I recommend to buy it off-the-shelf whenever possible. There must be very special requirements to make a custom design pay. Think about the unique selling propositions of your airframe compared to an Aerosonde, Penguin, TechPod or AWK-21.

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Uavasmara Available for purchase from Malaysia.

Spyplanes Edit or Superbat uav. A nose shield flips over the camera during take-off and landings, protecting it. Automated landing is done by landing in a grass field with two spikes bring plane to a stop, thus no runway is needed. Take-off is by Uav catapult

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3m Aerosonde type frame: Inverted v-tail Edit Inverted v-tail $2000

from poster Hooks:

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Uavpolice3 The front wheel is folded inside the frame after take-off , allowing 360 video .

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