Stating the problem Edit

There are four family members. If any one of them are in a particular room then the PIR or IR beams alert must not be sent to the base PC by the embedded AtmelMicro monitoring the IR and PIR.

Solutions Edit

Fit each person with a RF defice lets say a RFID tag. On etering a room the RFID reader indicates to the AtmelMicro that a known person has entered the room. The micro in turn won't signal to the base computer that the PIR or IR beam has been triggered. The embedded micro allows a certain delay for the RFID reader to identify the person walking through the door.

Any other way of indicating via a RF signal that the person triggering the PIR inside a room is a known person: AM, Zigbee transmitters? Transponders, FM, Bluetooth?

Every room with steel gate Edit

Every room should have automatic steel gate that can be closed by a remote signal. Should a criminal breach your outer defences he will be locked inside a room.

Steel cage in main room Edit

Install steel grid against on outside of cealing in main bedroom. This is a steel/wall cage combination.

Control electricity remotely Edit

Electricity current consumption must be measured down the milli-amp. Should a criminal use an angle grinder to cut through steel gates the supply is shutdown by the amp measuring circuit. Each electrical appliance must have an amp meter.

Criminals get in through the roof Edit

Place 50m InfraRedLeds on the gutters. Upto 10 closely spaced beams must exented horizontally away from the roof. To prevent false alarms from birds a certain number of beams must be broken within a set timeframe. The InfraRedLeds are linked to the RS485/["RS485"] circuit.

Secure every door and passage Edit

Every single door and passage must be secured using InfraRedLeds. If the dog is left in the house one would be able to tell in which room it is by spacing the beams on each door for its particular height. The beams are connected to the RS485 circuit.

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