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$500 led Edit from 1000watt led flashlight from 100watt led. Uses a cpu heatsink and fan for cooling. water cooled 72000 lumens led 4.5mil views. water cooled led project part 1 water cooled LED

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swarmrobot IR Edit bjt TEFT4300

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Copy the design from Energizer Hardcase white LED torch available at a Mica store. It has a small plastic Jeweleres Loupes - (FreeSpaceOptics) - on the front to focuses the beam. On the receiving side a plastic magnification lens is placed over the TSOP1838, PIN, APD or other IR photodiode. This will result in a one LED IR beam reaching a distance of 100m. Types of lenses for transmission are fresnel, convergent parabolic.

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Use a, parabolic reflector for IR beams to extend the range of the beam. Or use Jewelers loupes from the FreeSpaceOptics design. The parabolic reflector focuses the IR beam of the diode installed inside the it. Infrared led kit has a range of 50m using a magnifying lens placed over the receiving IR-led. Combining a parabolic reflector lens to transmit to a magnifying lens at the receiving end will extend the range of a barrier beam to 100m. The Kemo Kit nr.b213 #24-194 only has a magnifying lens over the receiving IR diode and achieves a distance of 50m. Elektor Electronics p.55 and p.19 July/August 2002 has a design idea on building an IR barrier circuit.

Order the passive components and pay somebody in China to hand assemble it in bulk. Connect upto 400 of these cheaply built IR beam modules around every window and doorway and interface it to circuits for our custom designed alarm system. Each RS485 node connects an ARM processor which monitor the N/C condition on its port as close as possible to the IR circuit, PIR or contact switch.

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PWM driver Edit High current 5A driver commercial led drivers see comments

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electronic parts online Edit Sells schematic diagrams of circuits and search engine

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Focus an IR(880nm) laser through a telescopic dispersion system to pride over 1km of night vision for a 0.003lux CCD camera. Thorlabs and edmundoptics have laser dispersion lenses. Mount this under a QuadroCopter with a 0.003lux CCD camera to illuminate and area providing night vision from the air over farms, residences and businesses.

Fit multiple laser dispersion systems on a UavAirframes#Aerosonde type airframe uav. Power it with a Zenoa model petrol engine, which turns an alternator generating electricity on board to power high wattage lasers. This should allow one to see the earth from a hight of 400m with 0.0001 CCD camera as if it was daylight. Laser dispersen lenses are built into the airframe on the underside.

The analogue signal must be processed using an Ethernet camera available from Alibaba. The manufacturers mount their own useless crippled 0.1lux ccd lenses. Use BoMarc reverse engineering services to reverse engineer the camera to find where the analogue signal is fed into the A/D converter stage of the mpeg4 compression chip. Bandwidth outputs are available from 32kbit/sec. Since it is Ethernet use the Sasecurity#Free_space_optics transceiver design to get a bit stream which can be transmitted with a serial transmission device.

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a) P.32 surface emitting SMD LED, narrow beam, high brightness, integrated parabolic reflec design, high flux, small size b) p.42 super high power LED,array, metal PCB ,package with 12 paral 1 mm² power chips, 360° or 120°.Size: 72 x 32 mm² c) p.40 high power LED array, 6 chips, Jumbo package, wavelengths at 590 nm, 640 nm, 660 nm, 810 nm 880 nm, 920 nm, 950 nm, M10 x 1.5 mm thread package d) p.33 narrow beam power LED series, 8° viewing angle, 1 power chip, clear epoxy package, square beam, no dark beam center from bonding wire, M12 x1 thread package

Roithner has everything you need to lightup your street at distances of over 300m and have nightvision via CCD cameras - powersupplies, LEDS etc.

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Stack 10 Mosfets in parallal and use PWM from an H-bridge (see RoboTics) to drive the highpower leds.

  • Electronics World Dec. 2001 - The Hysteretic Regulator by Fernando Garcia, 13amp DC-DC converter
  • provides back articles for Electronics World.

See ConfiguringAlarmSystem and SecuringPerimeter, FreeSpaceOptics

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Main Spot Diameter: ~ 0.9 metres @ 3 metres, ~ 18 metres @ 60 metres Illuminates ~ 90% of the width-of-vision with 1/3" Image Sensor & 16 mm Lens. Range & Level-of-Illumination are affected by: *Power-Input, Lens Transmittance, Camera/Sensor Sensitivity & Spectral Response.

BLINDING lights used by 4x4 spot lights.

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  • 1) RS485 based system where each node is an ATMEL micro implementing a mini-alarm.
  • 2) Cheap Infra red beams , hundreds of them covering every passage, doorway and window. Not even a frog should

get past it. As fluffy roams around the house it will trigger false alarms, the signal from which is muted in software. IR beams from the Elektor electronics are very cheap when mass produced.

  • 3) Will need to buy reversed engineered IR beam schematics and then build it ourselves. See for reversed engineered circuits. Any circuit can be taken and reverse engineered.
  • 4) Each IR beam connects to an ATMEL micro node,. these nodes in turn comms back to the master RS485 controller.
  • 5) The RS485 controller interfaces with a PC where every beam break is logged on a SQL database.

So for example if you are the only person in the house, you activate that for example the kitchen beam and patio beam can't break at the same time or within a short time of each other. The PC will track your movements throughout the house and for example know that you can't break the kitchen beam, before breaking the lounge beam. No commercial system can do this at present.

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