Stereo vision Edit The SP1 stereo vision system allows you to perform stereo matching on real-time camera imagery, which facilitates depth perception and 3D-reconstruction. Unlike most other approaches to depth sensing, such as structured light or time-of-flight measurements, stereo vision is a purely passive technology which also works in bright daylight. stereo on FpGa. Tracking with an embedded stereo camera with FPGA onboard processing

Video over cellular Edit

moved to Gprs and wifi streaming

Multiple object tracking Edit

ObjectTrackingUav IMAGE ANALYSIS

detects people on ground automatically

Image stabilize Edit

SmoothCam Probably cluttered with software HackPatents

Vitamin D Edit

Article Edit


Object recognition Edit

Scans for 3d objects in a tray of other objects.

Automated image analysis of CCTV Edit

Image processing -,15240,162614,00.html?wh=wh describes how video analytic software stops crime in streets by using AI to detect out of the ordinary behavior.

"...Liberty Island's video cameras all feed into a computer system. The park doesn't disclose details, but fully equipped, the system is capable of running software that analyzes the imagery and automatically alerts human overseers to any suspicious events. The software can spot when somebody abandons a bag or backpack. It has the ability to discern between ferryboats, which are allowed to approach the island, and private vessels, which are not. And it can count bodies, detecting if somebody is trying to stay on the island after closing, or assessing when people are grouped too tightly together, which might indicate a fight or gang activity. "A camera with artificial intelligence can be there 24/7, doesn't need a bathroom break, doesn't need a lunch break and doesn't go on vacation," says Ian Ehrenberg, former vice president of Nice Systems, the program's developer...."

Behavior analysis are done on the streamed CCTV footage using ImageProcessing software stored at a central location with strict control over the servers so as to protect the intellectual property of the software. South-Africa can negotiate a nation wide license from these ImageProcessing companies such as IBM. The flash video from which shows how automated analysis replaces CCTV operators, the weakest link in surveillance systems. The Gautrain is a multi billion rand effort by government to improve economic growth. By the same logic the government should use it's vast purchasing power to partner with mines, industry and communities to implement ImageProcessing and automated threat recognition - UavInTheNews.

Analytics are the future of CCTV systems and turn cameras into intelligent sensors. The Enterprise Version of E-AIMETIS has over 10 built-in 'Smart' analytic algorithms. These provide the CCTV system with automated functionality to detect certain anamolies. The user is able to configure each channel individually with rules. The rule might be a direction of traffic or an alarm zone or a trip wire. Other algorithm's in the suite included left object detection or loitering. All of these are extremely helpful as a tool to alert a security officer who may be monitoring 200 or 300 cameras. The intelligence allows the CCTV system to think for the officer and act accordingly. Resulting actions may be PTZ camera tracking, hardware alarm activation or an email to a supervisor.

Behavioural analysis programs Edit

People tracking Edit

Audio-visual gender profiling

* Multi-camera people tracking in 3D
* Event composition with imperfect information from heterogeneous source
*  behaviour on busses Edit

gunshot detection ===

Specialised Services Group (SSG Edit

South africa based



* contact Toll Free: 0800 233 322 (RSA Only)
* EaiMetis

Place PC/camera in street Edit

Place CctvCameras connected to an EmbeddedPc on each street corner. Use behavior analysis software on each PC to detect any suspicious behavior. An image snapshot is sent back to the base using GpsAndGprs, MeshNetworking or RadioModems. This is an alternative to deploying a TelephoneNetworkRollout to stream high bandwidth images back to a central base with a single PC analyzing the footage. The cost of the image analysis software will constrain what can be done.

File Edit

A new visual search engine could help photographers keep track of their photographs whenever, and wherever, they appear on the internet. The TinEye search engine allows users to search by uploading a picture rather than typing in a keyword. It then conducts a pixel by pixel search across the internet, flagging up all instances of that image even if it's been cropped, merged or digitally altered in some way. It's not just for copyright enforcement though, "it's being used by researchers who need to find where an image came from to provide attribution, even people who are trying to find out who people are in old photos." It's currently in beta, but you can try it out."

Image uav analysis Edit


Sundance FPGA video Edit

*  Sundance uses IP cores

Links Edit

* FacialRecognition
* Penguin recognition software

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