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diy pelton Edit old washing machine connected to pelton turbine.

pelton wheel from ebay $100 hydro system

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Hydroelectric power specialist Bourne Energy has developed a human-portable hydroelectric generator which can create clean, quiet power from any stream deeper than four feet. The "Backpack Power Plant", which joins the company's Riverstar, Oceanstar and Tidalstar designs, is aimed at bringing cheap, practical energy technology to remote areas.

Bourne Energy has developed two versions of the BPP; BPP-1 is aimed at civilians, while BPP-2 is designed for the military and was recently unveiled at the Cleantech Forum in San Francisco. Both measure three feet in length and weigh less than 30 pounds, though the military version is 10% lighter. Both are self-contained with their own integrated power, control, cooling and sensor systems. They collapse into a backpack-sized module comprising three parts; the generator, hub and folded stored blades.


Each TidalStar (U.S. Pat. No. 7,492,054 B2 and patents pending) tidal power system uses a proprietary turbine design to produce approximately 50 kW at peak capacity. TidalStar has many advantages over current tidal power systems. It does not require tidal barrages, embankments, caissons or sluices. Environmentally neutral, TidalStar does not increase sediment, accumulate pollution nor affect the salinity of the water

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Wind energy

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