Human tracker with Axys gyro stabilized pan tilt mechanism Edit

Mount an RateGyro pan tilt platform on the helmet of a human patrolling the bush. Beam back a real-time analogue video RadioModems image on the illegal 1ghz or 940mhz channel or legal 2.4ghz channel to a DrillBoxes. The RateGyro keeps the camera stable no matter how the tracker is walking, bending or running. Thus any person can be used as a scout in the bushes.

By using an EmbeddedPc connected to a GpsAndGprs modem a realtime low bandwidth Mpeg4Compression image is streamed to another GpsAndGprs. Install Windows XP on the EmbeddedPc for the simplest solution. Anything that can be done from a desktop using a Cellphone GSM or GpsAndGprs modem can be implemented on a mobile EmbeddedPc.

Lower cost solution Edit

RateGyro stabilized cameras are expensive. A cost effective option is to strap a CctvCameras or ThermalImagingCameras to the chest of a guard and then direct him to the point of interest.

Links Edit

* FarmSurveillance
* SecuringPerimeter

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