Earth bag house Edit

Concepto Edit

mortar and mesh Edit this mesh fabric layer and cement mortor

Plastic sand mixture Edit plastic bags and sand mixture for bricks. One melted kg plastic with four kg sand mixed in steel drum and then poured into moulds. Plastic river sand mixture for roof tiles.

Plastic block houses Edit

Glass fiber and gypsum Edit Uses waste gypsum BUILDBLOCK demo with polystyrene Iris Koto system

compressed earth Edit any soil clay soil mixed with 8% cement, exceeds concrete strength.

Flexlock Mortarless building Truss latching

Make rebar and threaded rods(CncControllers) using DIY induction furnace ( Hack the Flexlock design and make with compressed earth machine, opensource ecology has plans. Threaded rods runs the height of the building and is tightened down with nuts, minimizing the concrete usage. Only the ends of the construction is filled with concrete, using much less than the ( clay soil mixed with 8% cement, exceeds concrete strength) design. The best compressed earth block solution available ( We traveled far into the coffee covered mountains in El Salvador to provide a community with a tool and skills so that they can build themselves quality houses from the dirt under their feet. As you can see by the fist few pictures many around the world are already trying to build with what they have in the communities they live in. uses a soil/clay slurry(high water content) instead of cement to cement the bricks in place. Slurry is same content as bricks. . Hack the Vermeer patent on compressed bricks.

Eco-tecnologia Edit Pet bottles filled with sand and used as bricks, held together by cement by Eco-tecnologia.

PET foundation Edit Square slabs of stone joined with 4cm width cement, considerable savings over pouring concrete foundation. PET bottles place on top for residence. HOUSING

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