Preferred design Edit

Corexy grabcad files. See 3d_printers#Frames.

Laser cut Edit with frame available from , Ultimaker clone

Kuehling Edit

e3d mod Edit

User ... wrote: uses rc boat jacket, ---- I have developed an extruder system that works extremely well with elevated chamber temperatures. One of biggest issues I faced with higher chamber temperatures was filament flow problems. When the temp in the chamber started climbing over 50 degrees a number of extruders I tried all had issues with filament flow, like intermittent flow or the extrusion stopping in the middle of a print for no apparent reason. Other issues were jamming and filament stripping. So I decided to design and make my own extruder to overcome these problems. My idea was that as the higher temps were softening the filament and thus causing distortion which then led to stripping, slipping and jamming. The reason for this I figured was the pressure of the idler wheel on the drive gear due to the higher pressure needed to stop slipping. By having two driven drive gears on each side of the filament I hoped to reduce the pressure needed on the filament and like a 4 wheel drive vehicle as opposed to a 2 wheel drive there would be more traction.

The glass plate sits on top of a 5 mm piece of aluminium. On the underside of aluminium I have attached a custom 590 x 380 mm silicone rubber heating pad. The pad is glued with high temp silicone. The pad is 240V 800W. This is wired into the ramps heat bed circuit using a solid state relay. Silicon heated pad , send drawing with dimensions and location and size of any holes you might want in the pad. Also give him the required voltage and wattage and indicate on the drawing the location and length of the power cord.

SC8UU bearings should be able to withstand 70C of the chamber, if not grease chrome rod and affix Cpu radiator to the aluminium mounting plate connecting x and y axis. See Cnc Linear guide rails

Links Edit Mod this design for heated chamber square 2020 tubing

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