code Edit This little hack-job will grab credentials from a running openvpn process in Linux

Setup Ubuntu Edit

Boost Edit How to use wsrf with Boost Parallel Computing library

ffmpeg Edit compile on ubuntu ffmpeg and yasm. yasm in a dependency. Use checkinstall and gdebi to create deb package. Install various codecs and do frequent ffmpeg pulls for bug fixes, remove old packages on ubuntu

Mysql Edit install from source sql5. apt-get remove ncurses-dev before installing from source at gnu ncurses

Street sign detection Edit road sign detection. forked by into github MUTCDSpeedsigns python implementation . Uses dlib library, and opencv docs cascade classifier

Python Edit install python from source, set configure options wanted. this allows specific python 2.7 or 3 for JYPTER pip install . References install python on centos.

win Edit

Gist windows

linux shell Edit grub for multiple linux boot write MBR from linux using ms-sys. and

cmake, games Edit

ffmpeg and github robots Edit

ffmpeg , , Edit

firewall Edit

windows tray Edit

windows package manager Edit

media players Edit miro media player

links Edit python decorators

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