FANDOM Edit, have finally released their gimbal solution, code available on github. Alexmoss and Martizes only released hex firmware, no C code.

vertigofpv Edit Vertigo DIY KIT First DIY UAV Zoom Camera Gimbal Equip your drone with a camera that allows you to view detailed objects in 500m (1600ft) radius. Use this capabilities in a project of your choice, from surveillance, agriculture, inspection, IoT, hobby or more. Start smart missions without spending energy on unnecessary drone milage.

flytos Edit flytos gimbal video streaming . Edit ,,, Do you mean the controller for a servo driven gimbal? There are quite a few starting with the Cinestar Radian, Photohigher Skyline, Hover Fly gimbal controller all the way to the Tarot 3 axis controller and you can also use the Open Pilot CC or CC3D as a stand alone 3 axis gimbal controller. Then you have the brushless gimbal motor controller recently from Alexmos and Martinez.

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DJI phantom Edit $69

Optical encoders Edit uses as5148 Optical encoders

zenmuse Edit clones

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You indeed get very bad vibrations on the video. It can be due to two opposite factors: -Or you need then to increase D term on the roll gimbal axis (and eventually roll motor power) -Or just the opposite : you have increased too much D on the roll axis and it generates this vibration on the roll axis (and eventually too much power on the roll motor). If you want an idea of a pretty well tuned brushless gimbal that costs less than 200€ for a NEX5 , look here : . Tested results here :

In your X8 configuration of your model, what motors and prop size do you intend to use (and what ESC size ?), for what total AUW ?

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Virtual robotics gimbal solution, open source code, 2d , 3d versions open source code available

handheld gimbal Edit $280

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Shyam Balasubramanian recently contacted me with a problem he was having with gimbal lock when he was trying to use APM to stabilize a camera. No one on the diydrones forum was able to help him, so he contacted me directly. Here is his posting<>on diydrones with our solution (Gentlenav)

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GIMBALL RCGROUPS gimball frame cut with waterjet, better than jmi frame Kamk

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AlexMos is planning a 3rd axis add-on board -> Anyone know how will the GUI/config utility of the VR Gimbal board will compare to the latest from AlexMos.. Software seems to be the biggest difference at the moment between the AlexMos' controller and the open source Martinez one. There seems to be very limited documentation or development happening with the Martinez variety, even though RCTimer, iFlight and many others now have cloned versions of their own. Side note: looks like iFlight just released a series of brushless gimbals too ->

Steve: Arducopter's current gimbal stabilization routine also does not let you configure PIDs or enable rate based control. It only has most basic of options to set angle and output range. Flight controllers like Wookong, OpenPilot, and Hoverfly would be a better better comparison for servo controllers And dedicated gimbal control boards like Radian, Tarot ZYX, Skyline, Hoverfly's and Smoooth should outperform most flight controllers. APM never really made it to the party.


detects people on ground automatically

object tracking and realtime image stabilizer uav with cam nose virtual robotics entry gimbal, check bookmarks onipad check airframe

Bayraktar gimbal in nose

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Extensive notes on mounting a gimbal. Developed a DIY Gimbal solution. long ranfe vid transmit china add this to RadioModems

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Cameraleteck Gimbal mounted at the front suspended on shock absorbers. Combine this design with Inverted_v-tail#Spyplanes, by modding it to fit inside the Bats frame. Bats frame is used because it lands on grass fields autonomously and protects the camera payload using a fiber canopy that snaps over the camera during landing/take-off(Uav catapult

Build high power InfraRedLeds or laser leds(add laser dispersion lenses) into frame, for IR illumination of a night target for a low lux astronomy camera like the Watec 0.003(google ebay) if a thermal camera is to expensive for the application. This little plane is very powerful. Adding a light cradle camera to it with a little video transmitter makes it ideal for monitoring what is happening on the ground. Have you ever get yourself in a traffic jam? I guess a lot of us always wonder where the line of cars ends. I would take this video plane from my trunk and within 5 minutes see. I can imagine hundreds of applications where this handy model plane would find itself useful. It is small, light, wind proved and soft (if it is accidentally going to hit a person). I mean I would not like this to happen - this plane could be pretty fast. Speed of 160 km per hour is not a problem for our set- up. There are tuned set-ups on the web where this plane can reach speed of 240kph. When using KX191 colour and night mode CCD camera on little planes, I noticed that each time the camera is pointed sideways, the large camera body works like a rudder and the plane begins to steer. I made this carbon fiber case to house the camera in it. The unwanted steering stopped. Also the aerodynamics is better. There is also video to see how it works on FunJet in flight. The gimbal with servos and KX 191 camera, weights 100 grams.

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Tensioner belts

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40mm retractable camera gimbal

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patents Edit Patents on cctv gimbals jacks up the price, hack the designs.

5 megapixel Model MT9P031 EO sensor Uav gimbal patent

Aerovironment, Inc.

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3d printed gimbal Edit I think the guys over at SurVoyer have the right idea about making a gimbal wind resistant. It's inline with the fuselage. In my opinion, and from what I've used so far with gimbals, is that wind is hard to overcome. This on a copter is a no brainer, but hanging on the front of a plane... I'd love to see some video first. Very good design and look by the way.