There's the Wiki

And our site may be useful

You can get the latest build by entering this command on the node

getandverify tobuild25dev88

But there's also the following stable builds (when I say stable, 88 is very new!)

getandverify tobuild25dev87 getandverify tobuild25dev85

The latest ISO images for burn a Flasher CD (WHICH WILL ERASE ALL YOUR HARD DRIVES!!!!!) are here


   sorry I think I deleted a message with this information in.
   Is there a newer build than boot-build25dev81-beta ?
   I see one called 'latest' who's size is different but no version info?
   Also, is there a guide/document on installing this build on to a HDD based PC?

adfasfasfasdf Edit

Just ssh into it and issue the getandverify command. Tutorial here:-

>the latest version I wanted to move some filles onto a >mesh box I have and I can not climb a tower and atach a >cd rom to it is there a ftp server built into the mesh >box? any help will be apreshated

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