Horizon fuel cell Edit

This Monday, however, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) announced the development of a new oxygen production catalyst that is 200 times more efficient than platinum. The nickel-borate-based catalyst has been licensed to Sun Catalytix -, which is hoping to be producing safe, super-efficient electrolyzers within two years.

Hydrogen production Edit , 59 plate unit, use gas for cooking 9liters/min. 4 liters of gas, 129v at 4amps . 520watt at 4liters per minute. 130watt/liter

compressed hho Edit

so how do you separate oxygen and hydrogen? ? Here is a link to Bill's youtube channel. Look at all the videos and you will see how to make it. This one I think is more efficient than the open bath type. dangerous to compress h and o. Regulator to reduce current when cell temp increases pure hydro ? Hydrogen by itself cannot explode, seperate oxygen and hydrogen

HHO dry cell Edit

Hydrogen RC car Edit


links Edit Possible scam relion

add nissan fuelcell which uses 80% less platinum pop mechanics 2011 nov/oct

Stuart Island project Edit

One such pilot program is operating on Stuart Island in Washington State. There the Stuart Island Energy Initiative[32] has built a complete, closed-loop system: Solar panels power an electrolyzer which makes hydrogen. The hydrogen is stored in a 500 gallon tank at 200 PSI, and runs a ReliOn fuel cell to provide full electric back-up to the off-the-grid residence. K cylinder

DIY projects Edit (possible scam, but use the principle) How to build a simple, yet effective, HHO generator How to make a Hydrogen Fuel Generator Unit Steps to Build An HHO Dr

Compressed air engine Edit

Generating compressed air would be more economical and practical than making hydrogen using electrolysis. The metal plates will corrode away in a short while.

Links Edit Commercial fuel cells, combined wiht Lipo provides better endurance than petrol engine. Methane fuel cells have higher power to weight density than hydrogen

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Make hydrogen, copper protected with sealent to prevent erosion:

bulk H2 suppliers Edit

PEM cells generators generates pure h2, metal plate electrolysis creates explosive hho mix .

dmoz links Edit used by . Storage metal comb solution, not high pressure, pressure that of coke can. horizon power box 5kwh Welding 2800 app for HHO (brown gas) 3.5watts/liter(h) per hour. 780liter h2 / 1kwh electricity DC 9kwh electricty for 1cub meter of h2.

PEM systems Edit $8000, 120l / hour

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compressed air turbine Edit

compressed air windmill Edit

compressed air turbine patents Edit

air motor powered Edit Rotary Vane Air Motor

youtube air power Edit

Di Pietro air engine Edit

Nitrogen Edit Uses cryocooler Stirling Engine

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Fuel cell2

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