Which with those balloon inflatables using solar patches generates energy.

Compact Fresnel lenses and actuation Edit

Arched Fresnel lenses Edit

Fresnel lens design that increases solar panel efficiency by four was on Gizmag get link. Arched fresnel lens

ThermaVolt II exploits Entech Solar’s - [b][/b] - optical technology by using its proprietary arched Fresnel lens to provide about 20 times the concentration of sunlight onto the solar cells, saving about 95% of the relatively expensive silicon cell material.

gizmag link Edit

get gizmag link on spanning fresnel lenses that cover solar cells generating 4x the effective energy per unit area.

Compound parabolic concentrator, Fresnel and fiber bundle Edit

This section describes combining (Pat.2) ....StirlingEngine .......... with A sun tracking FresnelLens focuses the suns rays on to a CPC(compound parabolic concentrator) and concentrated heat at the exit of the CPC for:

  • A thermal heat absorber like a pipe to heat any fluid such as water for steam Rankine system or domestic,industrial hot water.
  • Focus the heat onto the fiber bundles from theStirlingEngine idea.
  • Photovoltaic cells, increasing the panel efficiency by many factors. Water is used to cool the cells.
  • Solar oven by orienting the fiber bundles unto the ceramic window of a solar oven as per ParabolicTrough.............GETLINK.... instead of helios parabolic shaped mirrors. The Helio-stat parabolic mirrors takes up much larger area then a Fresnel/CPC, Fiber bundel combination. A major problem for solar focusing systems is focusing the energy where it is needed within the constraints of surface area, sun inclination and materials cost. Pat.1 and Pat.2 seems to provide an optimum solution, adaptable over a wide spectrum of applications such as electricity generation, cooking and hot water generation.

Pat.1 improves on the concept from Pat.2 ....StirlingEngine .......... by adding a CPC to the FresnelLens, fiber bundle combination. The size of the FresnelLens needed to produce energy is reduced, reducing costs and area. Patent is a variation of the idea but uses a funnel instead of a CPC.

Pat.1 and Pat.2 combined can directs the suns energy at a solar absorber at any angle, something which isn't possible with the traditional ParabolicTrough design. Generic StirlingEngine using air as made by .... POPMECHANICS article.... need to BE held at a horizontal level, but the suns rays comes in at an angle. The more advanced engines using Helium or Hydrogen can be banked at an angle though and are mounted at the focusing point of a parabola oriented at the sun, which has the drawback of needing large amounts of concrete and steel to anchor the weight of the system. The Fresnel, CPC and Fiber bundles combination from these two patents would be much lighter and easier to construct. A sun energy solution is a trade-off between

  • Available area.
  • Costs of steel, concrete, glass, glass pipes, fiber cables etc.
  • Complexity of focusing the sun's energy coming in at a certain angle for either steam turbine(Rankine),cooking, heating water or StirlingEngine applications. This patentL................. uses a compact linear Fresnel reflector (CLFR) system to focus heat on a series of pipes. Note the way that ASORE.....CHECK designed to focus the suns energy and how it differs from Pat.1, Pat.2

To enable an energy solution the integration of many different ideas are needed, but 200 different patent holders each want their cut making the end product uneconomical to commercialize. South-Africa is one of the few countries where we can HackPatents and get the end product made ourselves:

cpc links Edit

OPTIFLEX Edit rohm, haas light guiding fiber

Farm turbines Edit

pat. FarmTurbine_4249083 Fresnel, collimating lense combination, with turbine inside boiler Steam turbine

Sun TRUST Edit nice pictures Rankine cycle with sun. Inovative patent with Fresnel cone combinations

many patents Edit

Search solar + fresnel

Light pipes Edit

Fresnel optics, diffractive optics, fiber-optic bundles, light pipes, or array of light pipes,

companies Edit

AUSRA Fresnel driver array

eceiver comprising a solar radiation absorber;

CLFR Edit . of the structure, carried by the tubes. The invention has been developed in the context of a so-called compact linear Fresnel reflector (CLFR) system and is hereinafter described in relation to such a system. However, it will be understood ...

Fresnel lens improvement Edit

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