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Design flow tools for FPGA Edit

Url of this page: FFT and other routines used for WiMax and LTE on FPGA use , and design automation tools to create low level Verilog code with 4G hardware development platforms from IP cores SeaSolve are purchased to develop our own WiMax and LTE 4G radio systems. The other means of using parallal processing power is TileraMulticore, TexasInst , PicoChip and FreescaleDsp but their processing boards aren't available to the public, only FPGA is.

EVE is the worldwide leader in hardware/software co-verification solutions, including hardware description language (HDL) acceleration and extremely fast emulation. EVE products significantly shorten the overall verification cycle of complex integrated circuits and electronic systems designs. Its products also work in conjunction with popular Verilog, SystemVerilog, and VHDL-based software simulators from Synopsys, Cadence Design Systems and Mentor Graphics

Sundance Simulink to fpga Edit

Key to making the DSP8080-AIMM a reality for the Navy was the decision to use PARS (Parallel Application from Rapid Simulation) design environment. PARS generated the entire target code including, DSP codes, FPGA codes and all of the inter-processor communication and synchronization codes from a Simulink model. The Navy's algorithms were implemented as either IP cores on FPGAs or optimized DSP code targeting the floating and fixed point DSPs.

The DSP8080 utilizes multiple high-performance DSPs from Texas Instruments, including the TMS320C6416, a fixed-point processor running at 1 GHz, and the TMS320C6713, a floating-point DSP. The system also utilizes several Virtex 4 SX55 Xilinx FPGAs with the processing elements mounted onto a range of integrated Sundance platforms including the SMT374, SMT364, SMT318-SX and SMT361Q.

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Maxeler Edit Converts JAVA code to FPGA, don't need to know FPGA details so much. Reduces learning curve and opens up FPGA to the masses. In mid-July, JP Morgan announced that it would join the ranks of such institutions, but with a wrinkle. Instead of relying on a board-level financial solutions specialist employing FPGAs, such as Xtreme Data or Wall Street FPGA, Morgan decided it would work with a more generic systems integrator, Maxeler Technologies ( Maxeler is a vertical HPC specialist, bundling hardware with Java compilers, runtime environments, and development tools. Morgan will use the platform for analyzing collateralized debt obligations, those pesky abstracted financial instruments that turned many mortgage bundles into toxic assets in 2007-08.

Seasolve Wimax IP Edit

  • SB3500 Sandblaster chip implements Wimax phy layer
  • , The SB3500® series processor changes entirely the rules of wireless product design. Powered by three Sandblaster cores, the SB3500® packs sufficient performance to run the most advanced wireless protocols at power-efficiency levels that rival hardware-centric (ASIC) solutions. Combined with its high-level “C” compiler and intuitive software design tools, the Sandblaster® IDE and Sandblaster® LeaP Development cards, the SB3500® is the first truly universal, flexible processor, providing the ability design, test and revise in simple, intuitive software development methodology.
  • Ref design max,phy on single chip sb3500 sandblaster
  • Abstract. This paper describes a Sandbridge Sandblaster system implementation including both hardware and software elements for a WiMax 802.16e system. The system is implemented on the fully functional multithreaded Sandblaster multiprocessor SB3010 SoC chip. The entire communication protocol, physical layer and MAC, has been implemented in software using pure ANSI C programming language and it executes in real time. In this paper, we also present a radio propagation analysis specific to the Samos island at the workshop location, and the DSP execution performance.
  • 3G , Wimax SDR radio's for developers. Combine this with 400Mhz RF stage for a 4G solution.

MANGO DSP camera solutions Edit

This combination enables video security devices to analyze video streams and apply a large set of user definable rules. Among these content analysis rules are: traditional VMD, people or vehicles counting, loitering, congestion, video stabilization, slip and fall, video stitching and more. Edit distinguishes between cars traveling down the road(false alarm) and people loitering. Combine this wiht OpenTLD. A camera trained on the front porch towards the road will trigger an alert only if a person is within the zone and ignore vehicles traveling past. (or one would have hoped it does, it is just a vanilla motion detection system, no AI, but one can determine the size of the box , thus excluding cats and dogs from triggering alarm)

Mixed signal EDA software Edit

Links to Cadence, accelicon, ciranova, clio soft, sandwork, synopsys, Tanner EDA, Expedion

Hyper computer Edit design flow Until now, reconfigurable computing has been largely limited to theory because no satisfactory tools have existed to exploit the inherent parallelisms of the underlying programmable hardware, called Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGAs). While FPGAs are capable of executing hundreds of thousands of instructions per clock cycle, existing software development tools cannot capture inherent algorithmic parallelisms or complex multi-million gate designs....Most "Grand Challenge" problems are inherently parallel. Once these parallelisms are identified, code can be written (or ported from C, C++, Fortran, or other existing code) to capture these parallel operations, and turn formerly serial operations-or merely distributed operations-into truly parallel algorithms.

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* Linux on FPGA

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USB-to-Ethernet IP cores Edit R122

Stlabs USB to Ethernet Adapter USB to Ethernet devices server, connect 4 USB devices to Ethernet

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Implements many FPGA functions in software instead


IP cores for WiMax development Edit

*  Base cores extend to Wimax and 802.11a
* FPGA industry magazine.
* SeaSolve is a vendor of IP FPGA cores for Wimax 802.16e PHY and MAC layer.
* SoftwareDefinedRadio uses FPGA. 
* Camera FPGA like Elphel
* Digital-modulation for RF stage
* Wimax IP cores  Wimax IP cores
* IP cores for OFDM, Viterbi, Reed-Solomon,Wimax,VDSL2 DsLamError correction etc
* Video and SDRAM IP cores.
* Sundance uses their IP cores
*  IP cores 
*  System C
* 3G, CDMA, WiMax
*  Distributes IP cores
*  Lists IP core distributors
* Altera Wimax cores
* Altera partner for Wimax
* Design tools uses the for their FFT routines which they in turn licensed to for the creation of 4G LTE and WiMax systems on FPGA.

IP cores Edit MPEG4

Wimax development platforms Edit

* Four A/D D/A converters with three Virtex-5 FPGA's
*  4G Wimax and LTE hardware platfom and Cadence has licensed 802.16 PHY and MAC layer for their Gigabit 4G radio development platform. LTE, Wimax, CDMA , UWB are 4G systems. Use the Sundance WiMax development platform loaded with a complete Wimax IP core from SeaSolve for prototyping work. After the design has been verified it is embedded with a dedicated FPGA core for mass distribution via our FrontingCompany to implement a WiMax and FreeSpaceOptics solution on any frequency. used to develop FFT IP cores licensed to Sundance. This allows a developer to implement the Viterbi, FFT, Reed-Solomon cores as building blocks without undue effort on the low level verilog code of an FPGA. There are numerous software patents on Reed-Solomon driving up the price of equipment, hence the use of a FrontingCompany.

FPGA based cameras Edit

*  Uses FPGA from
*  FPGA camera
* Uses  image sensor

Calypto powerpro Edit PowerProTM CG 2.2 was released on April 15, 2009. This release includes several new enhancements and features including:

  • Automatic handling of complex clock-networks
  • Enhanced to allow modification of VHDL designs with component declarations and configurations as well as improve QOR of VHDL designs
  • Support for asynchronous resets across clock-domains

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FPGA consultants Edit

* Mentor web video

Asics encoder-decoder cores Edit

Unlimited licensed Reed-Solomon encoder and decoder cores are between $30,000 - $40,000 depending on whether a netlist or sourcecode is desired. Error correction upto 2.5G for a GPON network is possible. FPGA design house

Viterbi Edit The R3VIT-WIMAXis a second generation Viterbi decoder targeted for WiMax and Wireless LAN applications. The decoder utilizes an advanced area-efficient architecture which places the traceback memory in RAM with no latency penalty. The design is targeted for use in ASICs and FPGAs. Input symbol metric pairs are decoded into output data bits by the maximum likelihood Viterbi processor core. Input symbol wordlength is selectable. Processor core is optimized for decoding the 133,171 encoder used in 802.11a/g and 802.16 applications.

Mathworks Edit

* Mathematical modeling of OFDM using simulink and other high level non-C++ design tools:

Sundance radiogiga Edit One final thought, if the MIT team were able to achieve what they did using Virtex2 Pro FPGA for their signal processing module, imagine the possibilities if they revisited their UWB design using the latest Sundance 'Radio Giga' solution that features Virtex 5 Xilinx FPGAs, Dual C Series TI DSP engines with 260MBytes/s Serial RapidIO (SRIO) communication links, Power PC processor cores and 6 channels of low power GHz ADC. If you'd like to take the 'imagine' and convert it to 'reality', get a Radio Giga system. Sundance partner



C language to Verilog Edit

After closely evaluating Forte's Cynthesizer and other options in behavioral synthesis and verification, Epson picked Forte's behavioral synthesis as the high-level design technology we will incorporate into our design flow for our next generation consumer products in our development projects. Conventional design methods can not utilize design results of algorithm verification at the C language level forcing RTL designers to hand-coded their hardware. We have now confirmed that we obtain consistent quality of results at the C language level and the hardware (RTL) design by incorporating Forte's Cynthesizer into our system-level development process. We have chosen Cynthesizer for the design projects in our division and are aiming for significant reduction in SoCs development time by designing IP reusable in other projects and deriving projects."

High level to HDL Edit

System generator, AccelDSP and Simulink, low-level HDL coding can be skipped, and the engineer can focus more on applications and less on the "bit-level" of things.

links Edit Memory interfacing Ethernet examples 100meg Xilinx baseband wimax processing

optics Edit Demonstrating optoelectronic interconnect in a FPGA-based prototype system using flip-chip mounted 2D arrays of optical components and 2D POF-ribbon arrays as optical pathways

Gigabyte PHY Edit physical layer gigabyte

National Semi DP83865 Gigabit Ethernet PHY

I did find the ET1011C from LSI (formerly Agere). It is cheap, low power, available, and they give out the datasheets without an NDA. Anybody have any experience with it?

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In contrast, ESL tools for FPGAs have many different entry points. Tools like Catapult C and Impulse C use C or C++ as an entry point. Xilinx's AccelDSP uses the MATLAB language. Other tools use a graphical dataflow, such as Simulink or LabView. What's worse, devices from different vendors have different (and incompatible) high-level tool flows. Since designers often use more than one tool flow—and may have to learn multiple unrelated "languages" to get the best results—the learning curve for FPGA design is still unnecessarily steep. Furthermore, if designers switch tool flows or FPGA vendors, they have to start the learning process all over again.

USB fpga Edit

* Engineers at Opal Kelly, designers of the new module, say it simplifies product development through the use of software called FrontPanel, which eliminates the details involved in USB design work. "The difficulty in building a USB solution is primarily one of software," notes Jake Janovetz, founder and president of Opal Kelly. "In most complicated USB designs, one needs to develop drivers and build some kind of link to the hardware. We've tried to mitigate all that design effort."

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Ethernet on FPGA Edit

Gigabit Ethernet IP core for Xilinx FPGA
Ethernet MAC IP cores for Xilinx
IP cores for Ethernet MAC
IEEE 1588 Clock IP core
IEC 61158 ( aka EtherCAT ) IP core
Streaming Data Ethernet network
IP cores for Xilinx FPGA
Ethernet MAC IP cores for FPGA
Gb , 100Mb Ethernet MAC IP cores for Xilinx FPGA
Ethernet MAC IP cores for Altera, Actel, Lattice, Quick Logic
IP cores for Gb Ethernet MAC for Xilinx, Altera, Actel, Lattice, Quick Logic
IP cores for 100 Mb Ethernet MAC
Ethernet MAC IP cores for Spartan, Virtex FPGA

Opencores projects Edit

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Intel Edit

Intel fpga will be able to port these github repos to FpGa. It also allows for automatic productivity labor monitoring and decentralized manufacturing. Porting to FPGA and dsp is done from c code, not C++.

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FreescaleDsp , TexasInstamod