Orinoco Gold card, dmesg, wlan, ifconfig Edit

* check the wiana.settings file to make sure.  
* Looking at the bootup messages it shows that it finds the card and gives it's Mac address and then goes into nowhere land. 
* Did you enable pcmcia in WiaNa? 
have received a donation of about 5 Orinoco gold cards for a short range project. I referred to the card compatibility list on the locustworld site and it said that Orinoco cards should 

work. I popped one in a test AP and fired it up and I did not receive any evidence that it was working in netstumber. I ["ssh"] into the box and did a DmeSg command and read down the output and found where it looked like it found the card, showed the mac and continued with the boot. I do a ifconfig and I see a wlan0 interface. I still do not get any output in netstumber and I tried to connect and couldn't I am on 25dev74 and I think I will update to 25dev85 to make sure it is not a driver issue. If anyone has any suggestions on what might be wrong please let me know. anybody tried a Orinoco gold card on a mesh AP? I had a few given to me and the card lis t from LW said it should work but nothing. Looking at the DmeSg when the node boots, it looks like it sees it and I do get a wlan0 interface but it is not showing up in NetStumbler and I can't connect, any suggestions?

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