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Ralf, I use FlightGear with my hardware to do simulation in real time. From your software you have to send to Flightgear the structure net_fdm.h described for example here: ( also on this page you will find how to set up FlightGear. ). I found an example of a C software able to send the minimum data to Flightgear and this soft works well for test purpose:

The problem I have is to replay a Flight with FlightGear. I made a file with the net_fdm structurre and setup FlightGear to read this file ( --native-fdm=file,in,10,c:\FG.dat ) But Flightgear seems to get the first position and attitude from my file, but don't replay the file.

Curt, Do you know how to replay a flight with FlightGear? I have seen on your web site that you did this but I'm not able to do the same. Are you making, like me, a file with the structure of net_fdm.h or do you have another way to send the data to FlightGear ? Serge Last edited by sergio123 : Mar 14, 2007 at 05:28 AM. sergio123 is offline Send a private message to sergio123 Find More Posts by sergio123 Reply With Quote

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Yes, using the sensors in the algorithm is what I meant to suggest. Somebody on here mentioned a scheme GyroDometry from robotics where they only pay attention to the gyros when magnitude of the gyro signal is over a certain amount.

I felt the robotics guys made a big fuss over this rather pedestrian idea, but it avoids a lot of trouble. If you had the copilot sensors running things under normal conditions, you could do that. Of course, just putting them in a Bayesian filter might work just as well. Unterhausen is offline Send a private message to Unterhausen Find More Posts by Unterhausen Reply With Quote

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