firecomms Edit

See FiberLed The Plastic Optical Fiber Trade Organization strives to actively promote the proliferation of Plastic Optical Fiber (POF) systems serving both data communication and non-data markets.

Firecomms announces that its OptoLock interconnect technology has been built into the STMicroelectronics STi7105 reference design for an IPTV set-top box. ...

Firecomms Ethernet using LEDS Edit

Switching led 400Meg Edit - 400Meg. Flash the led through a Fresnel lens to a Transimpedence amp on the other side and you should get a 155Meg link. Transceiver units and remove the RCLED from the package. Available in SA from

RC led at 1.25Gig Edit

Firecomms Ltd. 2200 Airport Business Park Cork, Ireland Ph +353 (21) 4547100 Fax +353 (21) 4322657

electrical to fiber Edit

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