Combine fiber with DSLAM Edit

If there are 126 houses at a length of 3km then install 21 MicroDuct, so that every six houses can share a fiber link allowing the network to scale in the future. Every home can have its own FTTH MicroDuct but the costs will be prohibitive. It is more cost efficient that a cluster of homes down the length of a road, varying from 4 to 12 should share a either a vanilla SwiTch or DsLam. By dividing the houses up into blocks of 12, each block is responsable for its own switch or DsLam to complete the last 100m from the MicroDucts fiber backbone to the CPE. MicroDuct are either suspended from the community TelephonePoles or are placed in underground CableFlex ducting.

12 houses on one DsLam Edit

12 houses on one DsLam and MicroDuct needs:

* 1,2km TwistedPair
* FiberToCopper converter
* MicroDuct and fiber cable to the CentralOffice.
* VDSL DsLam

This DsLam gigabit ethernet port connects to a FiberToCopper converter. The MicroDuct connects all the FiberToCopper module to the CentralOffice. Additional fiber can be blown through the MicroDuct allowing the network to gradually scale. There is no need for large initial capital outlays. A maximum of 12 houses should share a microduct. For example if every 4 houses shares a microduct and they want to keep costs down, then they can share a vanilla SwiTch and run CAT-5 cable from Telkom's pole to ther houses. Combining copper and fiber is balancing act that depends on the cost constraints of the network.

Fiber and DSLAMs combined Edit

Lay microtube(CableJettingAndPipes from the CentralOffice to each 16-port DSLAM down the length of the houses either via TelephonePoles or CableFlex underground ducting. This is an alternative to locateing all the DsLam exchanges at the CentralOffice. Connect a fiber-ethernet converter to the Gigabit ethernet port of the DsLam. All the DsLam Gigabit port data terminates via fiber at the CentralOffice. Each 16 adjacent houses shares their own 16-port DsLam respectivly. Each blok of 16 houses are responsable for their own copper wire to the DsLam and it's maintenance. The fiber network are used to link these DsLam exchanges.

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