Quadrocopters Edit

RateGyro2 Quadrocopters can also be used as visual deterrents, hover them at a hight of 2m around perimeters, road exits and enterences and places to protect. Or have one follow a farmer around streaming Mpeg4Compression to the base, which would provide the same deterrent factor as a security guard. Replace security guards with quadrocopters.

Stack IR beams around farmhouse Edit

An IRflood light is triggered on the beam breaking. the Quadrocopter RateGyro2 has a 0.003CCD camera that sends back a live video around the intrusion point. Thus only one camera has to be used reducing the cost of surveillance. Twenty Crossbows mounted on RoboTics buggies using CctvCameras, ObjectTrackingUav and FacialRecognition. With a mouse click an object is marked for tracking. First shoot him with PepperBall as last resort uses the Crossbows. It isn't practical to confront an armed intruder with a bow, use multiple robots with laser guidance systems.

Install multiple towers or robots armed with PepperBall around the house. First try and shoot the intruder with this trying to prevent him from entering the home. With propper protective gear PepperBall and paintball guns are useless, but it at least would demonstrate to the court that the intruder was warned if as a last resort he was shot with a firearm.

Every 50m ten IR modules are placed. The range of IR without PWModulated mosfets driving a high powered LED(expensive) is about 50m. This allows a 1hectar farmhouse to be covered by 80 IR modules. With 80 IR modules there will probably be a monkey or chicken triggering a beam about once a night. Place a CctvCameras on each corner for a total of four cameras. On any of the beams being triggered the camera will focus on the point and send a JPEG snapshot using Hamachi to anywhere in the world. The bandwidth requirements will be so low that even a cellphone will suffice. Lets say we have 50 participating farms, then they could pay a security firm in India or China to manually inspect 50 JPEG images per day. Just one security guard should suffice. For added redundancy multiple independant security guards can inspect the JPEG snapshots making human error virtually impossible.

Having a beam triggered every night is not acceptable if the farmer must visually inspect himself what happened. By having say three independant operators in India respond to a JPEG from 50 farms every night will suffice and make it impossible to breach a perimeter without the farmer not being alerted. It goes without saying that one should try and avoid local criminal infiltrated security companies. All that will happen is that the hapless guard will have his house burned down or thrown from a train if he fails to cooperate with the underworld. Outsourcing the whole operation to China and India where a Chinese security guard in Guandong province is less like to conspire to have you killed for your cellphone will solve this problem. As an added security measure the specific guard should not even be told who's perimeter or even in what country it is it being watched..... use your imagination. The more independant security guards responded to an IR infraction the less likely human error will lead to a perimeter breach.

Thus far we have covered the outer perimeter. Any number or IR modules is not stacked as close as possible around the farmhouse itself. I simply can't see how any crook will manage to get past 200 beams. It is impossible to interfere with an IR module without it triggering an alert. In contrast there are many ways of bypassing a PIR. Its fatal drawback is the fact that it only works on heat. I won't go into further details. All these modules are linked via CAN bus.

GPS on farmworker Edit

:farm surveillance - 

Attach a GpsAndGprs unit to a farmworker. The unit takes real-time pictures and sends it back via GPRS to the base pc. If the worker stands idle for more than a certain time the GPS will send a GPRS alert. This allows the farmer to avoid contact with his laborers for safety reasons. Criminals wait for the farmer to come out of the home at set times.

Road entry and exit Edit

A CctvCameras] watches the vehicle enter from the tar road and drive to the residence. If the door of the vehicle opens or stops sensed by GpsAndGprs , tachometer a signal is sent via RadioModems. Stream the video to a ImageProcessing network to determine sudden movements around vehicle or other anomalies.

Remote monitoring of Farm Edit

Use FreeSpaceOptics around which TwistedPair is integrated using TrenchingEquipment. Install DrillBoxes with VDSL (24meg down/ 10Meg up) DsLam modems at multiple points with 1ghz analogue video receivers. 1Ghz is an illegal frequency that can be built by hacking a design form the RadioModems page. Or use legal 2.4ghz transmitters. The video signal is digitized at the DrillBoxes using ZoneMinder or Mpeg4Compression.

Fit a HumanTrackerWithVideoCam to patrol the farm or monitor the work being done from any location that provides you with enough bandwidth, either the Internet, MeshNetworking or GpsAndGprs link. As the farm worker or guard walks from point to point the DrillBoxes receives the analogue video stream and streams the image back to the base via DsLam or MeshNetworking. By using multiple DrillBoxes the wattage output power of the analogue 1ghz RadioModems can be kept very low so as to prevent spectrum pollution.

Import Infrared module components Edit

Source the infrared module components directly from the factory in China. Minimum order quantities will range between 1000 and 10000. These are capacitors, resistors, 555 oscilatorors, IR reciever and transmitter. There are many designs for IR transmitters. have kits than one would be able to copy. There is a key IC of which I can't figure out what the pinout is, it will have to be reverse engineered BoMarc or other reverse engineered designs from BoMarc used. See InfraRedLeds. This will allow us to build these modules at R20 a module. Compare this at R400 for an module. Roitherner(follow the IR link) shows a PDF of a parabolic reflector lens to focus the IR light. Contract a Chinese manufacturer to produce smaller versions which will increase the distance of a n IR beam. Or use a jewelers loupes - OpticalManufacturers to focus the beam at the Tx side. Mosfets and PWM for higher current could probably take a IR high power diode installed inside a parabolic reflector upto a 100m. One would need to do a cost/distance benefit analysis. It will cost less to use manual labour to solder the components than automated assembly of the IR modules.

Protect crops Edit

The same concept extends to protecting crops. Stack 5 beams every 50m around crops after first laying underground ducting via for the Combining CctvCameras and InfraredLeds is an extremely cost efficient way to implement perimeter security. Motion detection alone is not practicle on extended perimeters.

Extended distance surveilance Edit

Motion detection can't go beyond a certain distance. Cover a 300m perimeter with InfraRedLeds. Cycle with a zoom lens through 30m sections for a total of 10sections. Each section background is permanently stored and compared by the ZoneMinder application on its cycle. This will prevent an intruder from digging under the InraRedLeds

Farm security Edit

Setup mini wi-fi/FreeSpaceOptics basestations in the bush, powered by StirlingEngines, [[WindEnergy], chemical BatteryTech and thermal "batteries" based on MoltenSalts or oil, surround the base with PIR sensors,InfraRedLeds a camera focuses on intrusion point when activated. Scatter SmartDust,PIR sensors on 433Mhz that communicates with these nodes. Combine with low power consuming FpGa motion detection powered by small 25watt StirlingEngines, FresnelLens combination. Cheap single chip analogue 2.4ghz, 868Mhz RadioModems video chips with small mass produced CCD camera sends a snapshot (200m-2km) to the base node on a PIR trigger, preventing false alarms from bush-pigs for example. Or use a higher powered amp 1watt signal on 433Mhz to only send a video signal on intrusion, protecting the spectrum.

On detecting an intrusion around the wi-fi node(camera snapshot sent to farmer) a single UAV shared between the farmers is sent out to the wi-fi node with security and tracker dogs. By protecting the base nodes at farm entrances,perimeters, rivers and wider bush the farmers gain control over the security situation. The farm crime issue is largely a result of not being able to provide cost effective energy at wi-fi nodes with solar panels, StirlingEngine designs have solved this. Each wi-fi node base integrates with sensors in a 400m diameter. String 20 such nodes in a line creating a fence 8km in length or up to any length for that matter. Where Fresnel zones is a problem , connect each wi-fi base with FSO.

Any number of PIR, SerialCameras or RadioModems devices are connected to say a 400m TwistedPair wire inside a 15mm polypipe laid with VibratoryPlow, these will be the slave nodes. The wire will be both for RS485 communication and to recharge the BatteryTech lithium pack of each device from the base FSO or Wi-fi station. The master node at the wi-fi base sends a signal to each device in return indicating whether it will be recharged or not. A relay switch on each slave node selects between charging and sending data back in charge/data send cycle. Since not each node will trigger at the same time, no intrusions will go past undetected. Should there be an intrusion while another node is briefly recharged , the slave node will transmit such data on its internal clock allowing it to connect. By charging each node in sequence a much reduced AWG size such as AWG24 can be used reducing costs considerably. Such a 400m or 800m length node with sensors it will operate for years until the battery packs die. Paradox pet-safe outdoor PIR retail for around R500, there are hundreds of patents on PirPatents devices. Mass produced the Paradox PIR can be made via a fronting company for R50. At that price farmers can populate their macadamia trees with the devices all linked up with RS485 devices. Criss-cross a macadamia orchard with multiple InfraRedLeds, on an intrusion the UnmannedAerialVehicles fitted with a thermal camera or laser diode 0.003 Watec CCTV cam indicates the reason for intrusion, PIR are used in dense bush.

Installing hundreds of HackPatents pet-safe PIR sensors in the bush is unfeasible if the batteries have to be manually changed because the person changing it could sabotage the devices and mark their positions. Idealy farmers should use digital 450Mhz CitizensFlashOfdm ,combined with embedded FpGa motion detection modules, (CCD camera),PIR and InfraRedLedspowered by long duration lithium BatteryTech or fuel cells. Scatter thousands of such modules across bush areas for automated intrusion detection.

Links Edit

* SecuringPerimeter
* HumanTrackerWithVideoCam

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