Video below LOS Edit It started discussing this guy's videos He's been very cagey about giving up any details, but after piecing together clues from his vids, we determined that he's got three Naza equipped quads. 1 video relay, 1 control relay, and the FPV quad. We figure he uses two relays to provide physical separation between 433Mhz UHF Tx and his 1.3Ghz video receiver to avoid noise from 3rd order harmonics. I set out to prove that what he's doing with two relays, could be done with one using properly filtered gear, and vertical separation (hang 433Mhz Tx below the quad with video Rx on top, so they're in each others' antenna nulls). As a bonus, along the way I figured out how to consolidate control into a single transmitter. Here's the result.

Wi-fi video Edit ,

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