We are all camping for next few years Edit

Eskom power

Imagine we are going camping for the next few years, but instead of going to the bush we stay at home.

solar cooker Edit



Balloon piston Edit

Sun based aircon Edit

Reppel J and Edmonds I R, Angle-selective glazing for radiant heat control in buildings : Theory. Solar Energy 62(3), 245-253 (1998)

Cool earth solar balloon Edit

Movement detection Edit

Place InfraRedLeds before the door post and one just after it. An entrance is triggered by the first beam and an exit be the opposite second beam. If five people walk into a room the two beams will break in sequence and count them entering. As they leave the beams are broken in reverse order and they are counted leaving the room. The CompHomeAutomation system knows how many people are in a given room at any time switching the battery operated white LEDS.

Replace globes with LEDs Edit

Charge a battery pack during the day using solar or wind power to provide lighting during the night.

LED breakthrough Edit In most parts of the world, this combined with Chinese type water heaters, and heat pumps, will allow a home owner to pretty much remove themselves from the need for grid power. The only exception is refrigeration, and electronic appliances, as cooking can be accomplished with gas stoves for the most part.

Solar and Wind power Edit

There are various designs for solar and wind power.

Ban all geysers Edit

Ban the sale and possession of all geysers. It should be made a criminal offence to own, operate or sell any high amperage geyser system. Use a PackRat battery operated camping shower. Heat 2liters hot water with gas mix with cold for 20liters and shower with that. There is no need for a geyser. Prominent people and business leaders should take the lead and upload videos of themselves showering with such a battery operated system.

Gas geyser and stove Edit

Install a gas geyser and gas stove. There isn't enough gas capacity for everybody to suddenly switch over to gas geysers. The PackRat camping shower is the most realistic option. Importing gas will also wreck our balance of payments. Charge the battery with solar during the day and thus use 100% sun energy to shower.

Laptop Edit

Use a laptop for work and a PC only for games.

Airconditioning Edit

Aircondition is a problem though. Install a glass-like cubicle inside which you sit to do your work and cool this instead of the whole room. A vehicle aircon unit is used to cool it which runs of solar energy. Build an insulated cage padded with polystyrene around your bed and install a vehicle aircon. South Africa is facing a crises and thus one should compromise by not cooling down the entire room.

Eskom can't exempt anybody Edit

If they exempt agriculture then the welding works will migrate to the farms and thus the government has no choice but to halt the expansion of food production. The quicker you throw out your electric geyser the quicker normal food production will be able to presume. By taking a bath your depriving the nation of food - you don't need to bath use a PackRat camping shower.

links Edit evaporative cooling

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