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, Air Engine compressed air battery diy solar

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Notes Edit Thermal storage breakthrough clothes dryer. CPV The ultra-high efficiency concentrating photovoltaic (CPV) power generation system technology is based on the use of the company’s proprietary ‘Dense Array’ Convertor Technology which utilises the world’s highest efficiency triple junction (TJ) solar cells, capable of converting sunlight into electricity at around 40% efficiency

  • Energy final sealed billet or container , filled with either salt or synthetic oil, which is heated with a FMA to 300degrees. A second container filled with oil is circulated through this sealed container to heat the oil to 80degrees C. Water is then finally circulated through the second container to heat for domestic usage - Hydronic heating

Motors Edit Generates electricity using swimming like motion.


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Compressor to Steam engine conversion Edit convert almost any piston and cylinder to steam. Automobile engines work well. Diesel engines provide long lifespan. Air compressors and refrigeration compressors are most economical. Ported steam motors put out over twice the torque of a gasoline motor of the same size, making them ideal for plug hybrid vehicle conversions.

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Solar patents Ideas for constructing frames for FMA.

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Heat pipes

Fresnel mirror array Edit Fresnel reflector design or FMA

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Heliostat Mirrors

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  • Solar Notes
  • Energy notes2
  • Fresnel Lens construction Notes on making a large round frensel lens with smaller conic(triangle) shaped lenses. There is a patent that has four separate fresnel assemblies attached to one foundation somewhere under links.

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also be filled with salt inside, which will keep it hot for cooking through the night.

  • French university link somewhere, heats up synthetic oil with trough. Pump this 170degree hot oil into a sealed metal square 2x2ft. Place pot on the plate and boil water or cook food. An oven can be built out of sealed metal square and filled with synthetic oil from trough or FMA (fresnal array)

Fill container with cold synthetic oil and place on top of MoltenSalt boiler. Gravity circulates the oil down the boiler . The outlet is coupled to a metal square, filling up with oil. As the temperature drops in the square a second tap lets the cold oil out, captured in a second container. Cooking pots are placed on the metal square.

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Stirling DIY Edit Converts air compressor to alpha type Stirling

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Stirling Engines , Stirling greenpowerscience

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Seebeck effect

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Heat pumps

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  • Quasi turbine Possible scam, can't produce a single independent test of hooking it up to a dynamo to measure output/input power ratio. It seems steam engines are the only viable , proven technology at the moment that is mass producible.
  • Engines2 ,
  • Steam engine plans
  • Steam Engines3,
  • Flash Steam
  • SolarTurbine Turbines won't work, use steam engines because the steam droplets damages the blades of the turbine. Turbine needs dry steam to operate.
  • TinyTech industries from India builds small steam engines - Solarfire

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