NSA plays chess, the rest checkers

Putin mandated that mechanical typewriters be used in respect of top secret data for a reason: it is impossible to escape NSA interception when using electronic devices. He is also in with the CIA on electing the Republicans to the White house because it isn't in Russia's interest that western civilization collapses. The NSA haS decrypted access of all VPN, I2P and Tor activity but are not busting every possible crime or revealing it to the FBI(silkroad was an exception). Both Tor and I2P use SSL which is an unreadalble mess numbering 300,000 lines full of obfuscated c code, actively maintained by a Canadian intelligence agent.(he spends days of his life every week trying to convince other coders to incorporate his hacks on github). And yes the lead developers of I2P are NSA agents because they fob off any objections to java being used and never a word about the openssl issue.

The narrative surrounding the capture of Ulbricht was Plausible deniability. Some plausible story had to be concocted to make it seem that it was solely an FBI bust. The NSA knows who every single drug purchaser was but won't reveal such data for the same reason Churchill could not let the Germans know their Enigma code was broken. Churchill allowed German bombing runs on British cities for the sole reason of making the Germans think their Enigma code was safe. Enigma's subterfuge should have been kept a secret for ever, because now we can infer that the same type of misdirection is taking place with our present and future technology. is an NSA asset, they want to know why you would be willing to pay $120/month for a VPN. What trade secrets are you hiding that the NSA could share with the Fortune500 companies in their yearly get together? The swat team "raiding" is a operation.

All our evening conversations around the kitchen table, torrenting, everything we do and say on an electronic device is known both to our domestic and NSA spy agencies. Cellphones can transmit all sound and data by remote NSA activation. see FaradayCage , HardWare. Place your cellphone inside of a box spray painted with copper if you want some privacy. It might though be self defeating, the faraday cage blocks electromagnetic waves, not sound waves. On detecting an abrupt Gprs and wifi streaming signal loss, the phone records all sound. When GSM coverage is reestablished , it then transmits the voice data. Placing the phone in the fridge is also not advisable as sudden drop in temperatures is also recorded and indicates an attempt at hiding data. Suddenly having a GSM blocking phone will just flag you to the security services as possibly being up to something, because you didn't do this in the past.

Disabling Intel's ME(Intel management engine backdoor) with article is a type misdirection: disabling ME is what the NSA wants because it flags a sophisticated user trying to hide data. Cyber security firms are CIA front companies engaging in "false saving" operations, the cpu has been pre programmed at the plant to detect the specific counter hacking code the company installs triggering the Open Sesame backdoor. Nobody knows about this backdoor and it can bypass wireshark, snort and all FireWalls because all routers and switches contain it as well. The more counter measures are taken against the published exploits, the more the cpu flags the user as hiding a chemical paint formula for example. Note how framed the ME backdoor, that the NSA "requested" Intel that it can be disabled: the NSA tells Intel what to do, they don't make requests. Cyber security companies are CIA sponsored industrial espionage machines, the "intrusions" they detect and thwart are carefully scripted and allowed events, like German WWII bombing runs, while the real hacking with the open sesame backdoor exfiltrates the chemical company's IP. made a lot of hay out of being able to work on ssh encryption from Canada. He bikes every other hour in between coding, living well the American dream. Isn't it peculiar that you can't have this flexible work schedule at let's say Google where your salary would be entirely privately funded? OpenBSD is touted as the unix distro that protects your data, what the NSA wants you to believe, so they can hone in those trying to hide data.

Tensorflow neural network is embedded inside the Intel CPU and Nvidia GPU, they know for example what images you are looking at. The Defcon NSA speakers hacking tools are misdirection, with chip level cpu access the NSA doesn't need hacking tools.

A recent story on "Anonymous" described how they managed to penetrate the Chinese milatary hacking complex and prevent a US company from being hacked by them. Anonymous is the NSA, their magical abilities to hack is but another WWII Enigma misdirection. The Intel/AMD chipsets the Chinese military uses has a NSA backdoor. By conjuring up "anonymous" misdirection the NSA is able to fulfill its mandate of protecting US companies. The NSA can't just phone a US company targeted for their trade secrets by Chinese government hackers. By having "anonymous" hack with seeming Thor like abilities, the NSA generates plausible deniability that they weren't behind the hacking or tip off. Script kiddies are part of a wider policy objective, thinking that they are getting away with their hacking is what the NSA uses for plausible deniability: all hacking of computers could be stopped tomorrow if the NSA so desires.

Isis twitter accounts weren't sabotaged by "anonymous" but by Twitter themselves, "anonymous" provides plausible deniability. Shuttleworth's Ubuntu project does not include i2p as part of the standard download and neither insists that the releases their source code as per the GPL license, because it is an NSA distribution. ":..To further the cult's stated goal of "Global Domination Through Media Saturation," over the years cDc members have granted interviews to major newspapers, print magazines, online news sites, and international television news programs...." which means they are CIA agents. On CDC photo shoots they look like a rock band who forgot to take their happy pills.(Pop music is a reflection of society's ontological atrophication). Agent Applebaum, handling the Snowden "revelations", was as declamationly as the new year's greeting by the People's Liberation Army. This cultural troping , which usually involves hyperbole and references to the mammalian reproductive system, allows the NSA to dictate the narrative(all the speakers at Defcon are NSA). Applebaum is the agent responsible for channeling the sophisticated hacker's Maslowian needs. Here's how underground I2P still is: The Electronic Frontier Foundation, a leading advocate of online privacy, hasn't really bothered investigating the 12-year-old anonymizing service yet."I haven't found anyone who has taken an in-depth look at I2P yet," EFF media relations director Rebecca Jeschke told me in an email. "In general, folks here think I2P is a promising project. It's really important to have a variety of strong solutions for anonymity, privacy, and security online. However, folks did say that for practical use today, Tor is far ahead in terms of implementation and reliability."

This quote by the EFF is very interesting, Tor is hacked, why would NSA fronts keep us away from i2p ? The fact that the EFF pushes the NSA C-code obfuscated PGP from EFF program for email , that they even recommend using email at all for anonymous communication, means they are an NSA front. It is impossible to get your own website and pay with bitcoins without providing an email address. If these hosting providers were really this keen on setting up anonymous websites then they would at least provide a means of i2p or tor chat contact. Email is designed by the NSA for De-anonymization. won't help either , it is like Kaspersky a Russian KGB(FSB) sponsored trojan for stealing industrial trade secrets. People who go through the trouble of using telegram instead of email is hiding something and the KGB wants to know what that is. Yet another NSA honeypot site, the NSA VPN providers they list insists on an email contact or uses bitpay a joint Goldman Sachs, NSA project. You do not need to send bitcoins to anybody, this is how the NSA gets your real identity because the transaction uses java script, which reveals the end user's ip address, whether over Tor or clearnet. The US federal government will only allow VPN providers if they know precisely who is using the service. It is for example impossible to connect to any VPN provider over I2P. Update: As several have pointed out below, the papers Anonymous "leaked" were already publicly available. It's since been reported that the US does, in fact, share PRISM information with UK intelligence officials. , ,


Jo Biden met with his supporters in what he thought would be a private meating to contest the US presidential race. CNN got hold of the secret recording where Biden said: " we have access to every inch of Iran". Iran's clerics believe in the return of the 12 Imam and that this will occur with fire raining down on Israel. North Korea's ability to nuke the US doesn't faze us because they at least have the sensibility of self preservation.

Anonymous is an Iraq style PSYOP operation. Psyop teams placed placards that says"Terrorism kills children" in Arabic on retail outlet, signed by an insurgent group they were targeting. The terrorists would reveal themselves when they confronted the shop owner about the placards.

The NSA knew about everything LulzSec did from the start, but had to find some way of busting them with the FBI in such a way that it wouldn't be too obvious the NSA knew who they were. LulzSec most likely was a NSA psyops. Our Russian friends engage in the same type of misdirection. Encryption#Qubes_linux security claims are nullified by their usage of Systemd. Eric Raymond's reaction to the Snowden leaks hasn't been with the same gusto as say Applebaum .... And obviously the NSA would never have allowed Torvalds to be the lead Linux developer if he wasn't working for them, right? NSA agent Applebaum gave a sterling performance at Defcon of "outrage" over the Snowden leaks. Kaspersky labs has the full support of the Russian government.

Both Mount Gox and now Bitfinex were hacked by the NSA because the NSA won't allow bitcoin money laundering operations outside the ambit of, domiciled in the US. Systemd was forced into adoption by the NSA/Redhat alliance, Torvalds and the other NSA agents maintaining the kernel did what their paymasters told them to do. Even Kali linux used for penetration testing has been intimidated into systemd. Kali linux uses deb packages for which no source is available to hack Wi-fi connections. This allows the NSA to keep a tab on hackers.

Server side bandwidth costs will never come down, the NSA won't allow it because then they can't control the narrative. They are so proficient in directing the debate that not a single news outlet asks the obvious question: who does the NSA, CIA support, Hillary or Trump?

Snowden Psyops operation

(much of the following is bemused speculation, very little is provable) The NSA, MI6 alliance has the entire Internet as a free media propaganda platform, they finance both sides of the debate , paying the journalists or installing their own agents for the process of fabricating consent in such a way that nobody notices the shifting narrative vector.(Chomsky on the left, http:// on the right. Bannon is on the board of Cambridge Analytica). Intimidating Facebook is trivial. MI6 Cambridge Analytica got Trump elected using Tensorflow AI machine learning to target for example the Haitian voters with Facebook ads that the Clintons stole the money they were supposed to give to Haiti. See Cambridge Analytica background research .

(Update: 22 March 2018, the previous paragraph was written months ago, while CNN was flogging the Russian narrative. Now the CIA steps in and skillfully directs the narrative away from the Russians, securing Trump's next victory)

MI6 and CIA damage control , Chris Wylie, former Research Director at Cambridge Analytica and MI6 misdirection channel4 directs attention abruptly away from the Russian narrative. The the US midterm elections is coming up and CNN has exhausted the Russian angle. MI6 front Cambride analytica is diverting attention away from Russia and from any possible Trump Russian collusion: CNN was played like a Yoyo by the CIA. Trump's ratings are high and the republican fifty year control is on course as agent Thomas Cromwell (Banon) predicted. Ted Turner has four concubines, the millions he stashed away in Switzerland that he thought nobody knew about was used to pressure Turner into an anti Trump angle in a way directed by the CIA. Now finally comes the "true" origins and Trump gains more voters. A brilliant psyops. Every single US millionaire and billionaire can be roped in for duty by the CIA after showing them their secret bank account numbers on which they have paid no tax.

Counterpunch took a very hard line against George Bush for his invasion of Iraq, but then in an interview as the facetious Bush jokes reached its apex the journalist came out in a surprising defense of Bush's reaction when informed about the second plane crashing, the moment Bush realized it was a terrorist act. Bush and Tony Blair acted like real leaders should, had they not intervened a weak Iraq would have been invaded by Iran and Turkey plunging the world into a depression. Its Iraq's extra 4mil barrels of oil and George Bush allowing fracking, that is preventing civil war in South Africa and starvation across the developing world: South Africa cannot pay R26,00 for a liter of petrol. Especially Blair took much strain, we must salute his courage and his self sacrifice. Think of the men and women of the US, Danish , German and British forces as you pay ZAR16 for petrol. is yet another CIA front, directing the left wing's mental inversion in a such a way that they nudge fence sitters to vote Republican or Greenpeace.

The irony in MI6 agent Wylie stating that CA engaged in perception channeling is that he is doing precisely that: steering away the attention from Russia. CA employees didn't appear like a bunch of fools on channel 9 incriminating themselves with an "undercover" video, it is a carefully stage managed event by MI6 to take the heat off Trump. It also coincided with Trump finally acquiescing to agent Bannon's demands that he institute tariff retaliation against China: because the CIA Tensorflow mines all conversations, they know that this is what is needed to secure Trump's next victory. It also allowed them to contain Zuckerberg for backing the wrong horse and makes it difficult for targeted advertising by Democrat fronts, only the CIA's fronts will be able to do this in future.

Secret bank accounts anywhere in the world is an illusion that the CIA can use to force compliance with a wider policy objective. The Panama papers had the US citizens scrubbed because the CIA doesn't want to send all their surgeons to jail and allows "anonymous" to rope in top democrats and republicans for policy objectives. Zuckerberg and Hillary know they were gamed by the CIA, but won't dare say anything.

Every member of Congress and the Senate have been provided with classified information for the express purpose of making it impossible for them to implicate the CIA in anything.

Water wars

In the coming water wars with China and sharia law across Europe we will face the attempted overthrow of the Pax Americana that has prevented mayhem on a far greater scale then we have witnessed. Snowden said that Tor and strong enrcyption works ... knowing full well that it doesn't work. Wikileaks advocates Tor and nothing about I2P ..... Bill Schneier got a "reward" from Apple in a ceremony for his work on encryption: he has not said a stitch about I2P and advocates Tor, knowing just like Snowden and Wikileaks that Tor doesn't work because he is an NSA agent channeling the narrative. Most of the comments on his blog are AI chat bots and NSA agents themselves creating both a narrative echo chamber and honeypot. He shifts the attention away from how the cpu itself runs minix and that any encryption attempt is borked by CIA secret quantum mechanics knowledge, about how consciousness influences perceived entropy(we know what randomness isn't, we don't know what it is) by focusing on the algorithms. Any algorithm devoid of entropy is useless.

His story about how the CIA intercepts computers through the postal system is yet again misdirection: with the CIA's minix operating system installed on the cpu itself, no desoldering of chips is needed. Snort and wireshark are subverted because minix knows that these programs are being run. China doesn't allow SshMesh encryption because this would give the US intelligence, military, industrial complex a competitive edge.

zcash compiles to machine code that is detected by preprogrammed cpu's and microcode injection, thus the NSA can trace all transactions and they still don't have an i2p implementation.

Snowden's cover story about being disenchanted with the sheer level of privacy intrusion and that he was all for the constitution and raised these concerns is doubtful because if he had actually raised these concerns he would have been dismissed form the NSA. The NSA won't allow somebody with Snowden's libertarian beliefs to hang around the complex , this should be obvious. And downloading with Wget all that data and walking out of the NSA with a usb stick, is that really plausible because you won't be able to do this at Raytheon?

Every single media outlet and journalist that interviewed Snowden is a NSA agent or front such as Glen Greenwald, Chomsky and Snowden interview with NSA front See

Update June 2017 NSA contractor by the name of "Reality Winner" hasn't been reading this wiki. As far back as Dec.2016 it was pointed out that was an NSA honeypot site, to which she revealed NSA secrets. The NSA took somebody who is mentally unstable (calling yourself "Reality"), knowing in advance that she would betray her country to make an example out of her? Or is something else going on. For an intelligence contractor to be so stupid as to reveal secrets to a website, is difficult to believe. She has pretty impressive muscles and will probably be able to defend herself in jail .... could be another one of those "spy who came in from the cold" events.
Another option is that the NSA is employing people with mental health problems, knowing in advance they would release classified information. By busting them a strong message is sent out not to mess with the NSA. It also allows the NSA to release narrative vectoring information in such a way that it can be plausibly denied that they had anything to do with it.

Using AI bots and vast swaths of blogs the NSA attempts to tune the resonant frequency, to nudge the narrative so subtly, that nobody notices. Before Snowden we had the Bill Binney "whistleblower" also revealing things that would get any agent liquidated. The very FPGA, ARM chipset inside Irans missile technology will just "jam" should Israel attack. This "nuclear option" , that the NSA can shutdown the entire computing network of any country is something they have now simply revealed or is this what they want us to believe?

".... became part of an intimate group of four NSA whistleblowers. They included Ed Loomis and Kirk Wiebe, senior officials at SARC who worked alongside Binney, and Thomas Drake, who was part of the NSA's Defense Intelligence Senior Executive Service. Between them they had chalked up 144 years experience in the NSA. ..." Are any of these gentleman in jail or dead? The charges against Drake was dismissed in 2011 ....

Sean Hannity is the NSA plant at Fox news, he handles all the interviews with NSA agents like "whistleblower" Binney doing damage control trying to show how the NSA spies on everybody so that their support for the Republican party and Trump isn't to obvious. Agent Anderson is the CIA plant at CNN, interviewing agent Greenwald. Katie Curie interviewed Snowden.

Wikileaks, Assange, Snowden is a "spy who came in from the cold" honeypot trap but also something much bigger: an attempt at warning Iran not to engage in covert nuclear arms development. If this means that the NSA has to reveal how compromised computers are, then so be it: what trade secrets would you be willing to reveal to prevent the third world war?

It is impossible to contact Wikileaks via I2P, because the Wikileaks NSA agents wants you to use TOR, by actively promoting Wikileaks via Nytimes etc. , the NSA is also preventing any type of alternative and gets first read access to any documents, allowing them to take appropriate action and prevent sensitive intelligence from being released. Because the NSA caches the entire Internet in real time they are able to trace any email communication to Wikileaks from anywhere in the world, whether encrypted or not. This fact alone that Wikileaks would be so brazen as to have you email them over clearnet or Tor proves that they are a NSA honeypot.

Much of the "leaks" are fluff. Another effect is that more US citizens comply with their tax code instead of setting up offshore companies. "... day, Monday 5 December 2016, WikiLeaks publishes an authoritative, searchable archive of 57,934 emails from the personal email address of Berat Albayrak, who is President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan's son-in-law and Turkey's Minister of Energy..." Releasing these emails should be seen in the context of the proxy war between Saudi Arabia and Iran. also can't be reached via I2P, they insist on being emailed ..... and Zerohedge changed the narrative against the Democrats and for Trump. The whole Russian hacking thing is misdirection, Hillary was hacked by the NSA. and CIA's damage control about this is at Zerohede once CIA always CIA

Wolf begins by wondering about the neatness of Snowden’s plan: "...He is super-organized, for a whistleblower, in terms of what candidates, the White House, the State Dept. et al call ‘message discipline.’ He insisted on publishing a power point in the newspapers that ran his initial revelations. I gather that he arranged for a talented filmmaker to shoot the Greenwald interview. These two steps — which are evidence of great media training, really ‘PR 101″ — are virtually never done (to my great distress) by other whistle blowers, or by progressive activists involved in breaking news, or by real courageous people who are under stress and getting the word out. They are always done, though, by high-level political surrogates......"

During the second world war the Allies would send agents to their death, with false information extracted from them. One of the strongest psycological criteria an agent must have is a willingness to sacrifice himself for his country: one life for the lives of millions. Two lives holed up in apartments until a Republican transition for the lives of millions. Agent Greenwald "attacks" the NSA in a psyops where people who feel like victims need to have an object of blame appropriation, then two paragraphs down there is a hit piece on nbc news why viewers can't trust them, consent engineering that left wing narratives are intellectual fluff. This results in the strong Hillary edge voter, either not voting at all or voting Greenpeace and the centrist Hillary voter either not voting at all or voting Trump. Voting Greenpeace is a de facto Trump vote.

Energy independence

The Democratic party and the atrophied cognites who vote for them prevent Pebble bed nuclear reactors from desalinating sea water and hydrocarbon extraction. Without energy we are seeing a demographic implosion of consumer based economies in the West, choking export based economies such as China and preventing its transition to a consumer society. See agent Friedman from CIA front Stratfor on China's export dependence on Walmart. China has capital flight, 1.7% return on exports and rising wages. George Bush's invasion of Iraq was to break the stranglehold of the oil cartels, oil which is unlimited would now be above $100 instead $50, bankrupting South Africa and much of the developing world. Shale production under Bush makes the US energy independent , better able to handle the eventual showdown with China. America is at war and you can't fight without energy, they have half their own population trying to destroy and enslave its people from within. Faced with such, the NSA figures out how everybody thinks so they can fabricate consent, which is the actual reason they have planted back doors into all computing devices.

The CIA considers the EU project in the words of agent Friedman a "..systemic social failure ...". Democracy will annihilate all life on earth as rational actors aren't being allowed to create unlimited energy using thorium. China has 200mil people in their middle class that must support the other one billion plastic collectors. Chomsky pointed out that China remains nothing else but a vast assembly plant and robotics is making even slave labor anywhere in the world redundant.

Stratfor CIA front tells us that Deutsche bank is the next major financial crisis, Germany is keeping up exports but this is because DB is financing production under a regime of margin cutting. As with Japan in 1989, this will all end very badly. Zerohedge provides more details: Deutsche bank has $70trillion in derivative contracts. Meaning that they are used as a conduit to provide a Basic income for German workers! Which makes Germany's treatment of Greece so galling and the belief in German "ingenuity" so naive.

The IMF identifies DB as “the most important net contributor to systemic risks in the global banking system.” DB is Not Lehman. It is potentially worse. Deutsche Bank is not merely Germany’s biggest bank. DB is tied to the government informally and to most major German corporations formally. Its fate will be shared by all of Germany. And Germany’s fate will be shared by all of the EU.

Dreaming dreams

The "American Dream" wasn't destroyed by Bill Clinton, but by Mao Zedong who instigated a population explosion. Clinton had no choice but to give China "most favored nation" trading status, taking jobs away from the US middle class. He threw China a life line, staving off a crises that nobody knows how we will eventually handle. If China defaults on china debt crisis( $31trillion,w hen the eventual meltdown comes it could force the Fed to take rates to -5%. Its easy to kick the Greeks in the teeth but 1.2billion hungry plastic recyclers armed with nukes is everybody's problem. Pakistan for example extorts $2bil out of the US every year for its army, the US cannot allow a nuclear armed state to implode.

We have to raise these issues against the backdrop of the eventual invasion of Africa for its water and land by either China, India or Pakistan or a combination of such. How much longer before 1.2billion people refuse to choke on smog and eat cadmium laced pork? China has not forgotten the British Opium wars and Japanese occupation. Thirty percent of Chinese state controlled television consists of anti-Japanese bafoonish killing sprees, desensitizing the Chinese against violence.

Don't make the obvious assumption that he US will issue an ultimatum to their war ships barreling towards the Congo and that China will meekly comply: the ships will be controlled by Tensorflow with a live feed back to the Gobi desert. All it takes to turn us into frozen pillars of ice is to detonate a hundred nukes that will kick up a dust cloud, blotting out the sun and dropping temperatures to -70 celsius the next day. The decision will be automated by a neural network and China will prove that they cannot influence the decision. Instead of making it China's decision to destroy all life it will be the POTUS decision.

Steve Bannon nationalistic movement, biggest shift since Reagan described himself as the Thomas Cromwell of American politics and having engineered the republican takeover for next 50 years. Bannon interviews Thomas Williams soundcloud linked from usatoday banon article Trump's administration will lift the banking restrictions allowing Goldman to provide housing for Latinos and Blacks backed by strong Fanny May guarantees , winning their political vote.

Joe Biden's son Hunter Biden attempt to develop Black see oil in Ukraine will have to take a backseat as Trump pivots towards Russia. We will need Russia's help in the coming water wars with China. Putin's choice between China or west. Cia director Pompeo views China as a greater threat than Russia: you can't fight on two fronts as the second world war showed us. John Mccain's foundation is similar to Hillary's foundation, a means of soliciting bribes to peddle influence. Mccain's outrage over Russia would be better served in resolving the coming Water wars, this is our real crises, we need to choose our fights.

Historically it was intelligent agents who intervened and thwarted calamities such as Hitler. One marvels at how smart the NSA really is. With China, we now have the same type of WWII threat, US intelligence are positioning the chess pieces as China only have fifteen years of water left. India and Pakistan's Indus water treaty is under strain. The geopolitical threat we are facing the next twenty years is that of water. Already in South Africa there was an attempt to make it a colonial outpost of India with the firing of finance minister Nene. The sole commercial Indian bank's activities on SA soil can only be described as the financing of an ongoing attempted Coup. Egypt has a jungle warfare unit and is concerned with Ethiopia's attempt at damming the Nile. Pakistan has committed widespread environmental destruction with its exploding populationPakistan Timber Mafia. US democracy doesn't allow the US army to intervene with thousands of drones to protect these trees. Obhama considers Pakistan as the worlds number one nation at risk for implosion.

Pressure point inversion

Iran used Strait of Hormuz as a pressure point to terrorize the west and Israel. Now with the glut in oil this becomes the US pressure point: with a single sortie the US can take out Iran's terminals at Kharg island stopping Iran's oil exports for years. The Democrats chose a policy of identity politics with the white working class having to bear the brunt of it. Now that robotics, Tensorflow neural networks, EPA rules and Democrat red tape have finally reduced the white working class to penury, the pressure point leverage is now in the hands of the Republicans.

Russia is attempting to control Ukraine and the port of Odessa, which will allow them to control the food supply to the middle east.


Henry Kissinger, who is an advisor to Trump, stated in a recent interview that the condescending rhetoric towards Russia will now finally come to an end. Agent Chomsky expressed his relief that under Trump at least Hillary's war mongering with a nuclear armed state will cease. It was Hillary who toppled Gaddafi against Obhama's wishes, uncorking the barrier between Africa Europe migration. All Gore's bank balance went from two million to a hundred million dollars with his Global warming nonsense. Water vapor constitutes 95% of all greenhouse gases, carbon and methane is only 5% of which forest and volcanoes provide a fair share. A few hundred years ago there was a drought in the jungle of South America. The climate changes and will always change as the sun's rays ebb and flow influence cloud creation. The more clouds you have the more the sun is blocked and temperature decline. Ted Cruz interrogates Sierra club on global warming

Hillary Clinton's Syrian war was payback for bribes from Qatar who wants to build a gas pipeline across Syria to Europe. Russia has to stop this to protect their cash flow from their Ukraine pipeline. Wikileaks,like NSA front Stratfor allows the NSA to release all sorts of reports and information, they wouldn't have been able to do otherwise. For example eu military refugees , UN confidential report.

Snowden and wikileaks false flag operation gave and pixel fodder , to dicate the narrative and channel thinking away from Democrat Fascism. Republican control has been regained by positing Trump as an outsider who had nothing to do with NSA hacking , who was never in on the whole thing:). By using Snowden as a lightning rod for discontent, the vote for Trump was secured, a brilliant Psycops feat. Snowden and Assange will be come in from the cold, "cutting a deal" with the NSA to return to the US in exchange for no further "leaks ", while Trump will weasel word some phrases and Assange will finally be able to go home. Assange just somehow managed to get "hacked" and "decrypted" video footage of the Airforce engaging in unjustified killing. The footages certainly seemed like excessive force was used and the airforce would be able to identify the pilots from their voices alone, why were they not court martialed by JAG?

People giddy with excitement, wanting to be part of 'something bigger' in their drab lives uploaded some juicy info to that the website was removed after I pointed out it was an NSA honeypot site). China is socking away a million barrels of oil daily from Venezuela and Nigeria and its eventual invasion of Africa is a far greater danger to both the NSA and mankind's existence then having the details of NSA surveilance released. The NSA doesn't care that its surveillance techniques are known, only Putin has reverted to mechanical typewriters.

That the NSA got internally hacked is exactly what they want you to believe, Hillary is witless. If the NSA had wished to prevent emails from being leaked they could have easily done so, they were after all reading them. What is striking in both the Anonymous targeting of the Scientology headquarters (those Guy Fawkes masks prevented the NSA agents faces from being identified) and the Lulszec case is that nobody went to jail. Lulszec might have been just another false flag operation. Lulszec was to trick people into using Tor "properly", by showing how "obvious" mistakes should be avoided.


Trump twittered his frustration with the continual leaks from the CIA and NSA. The leaks isn't because agent Steve Bannon want's to undermine Trump but because they have to engage in "leaks" under all administrations so that they can claim Plausible deniability that they aren't backing Republican administrations. stratfor intelligence is a NSA front giving us the news from a nonCNN perspective. Like a good soldier Flynn was expected to fall on his sword, by throwing him under the bus a smokescreen is created away from NSA narrative vectoring in its fight for mankind's future.

"...The authenticity of the files cannot be confirmed but appear to be legitimate, according to security researchers who have studied their content. Their release comes on the heels of a series of disclosures of emails and documents belonging mostly to Democratic officials, but also to Republicans. Security researchers believe those breaches were perpetrated by agents thought to be acting on behalf of Moscow...." from NSA front shadowbrokers

UPDATE: 20 May 2017. I have put forth the view weeks before the shadawbrokers story materialized that all the hacking leaks is an NSA attempt at warning Iran to stop their nuclear program. Finally we get this today 20 May "....The hacking group known as 'The Shadow Brokers' is pushing a monthly subscription service offering members top secret information including "compromised network data" from the nuclear and ballistic missile programs of Russia, China, North Korea and Iran....."( is another NSA front that regularly "interviews" Chomsky. All the people that have held "interviews" with Chomsky from various organizations(EFF etc.) were engaging in carefully scripted narrative vectoring based on psychological profiling the public after machine AI mining their conversations, recorded by their mobile and PC microphones. The NSA leverages the entire media establishment as they fight for the survival of mankind. Greenwald: Empowering the "Deep State" to Undermine Trump is Prescription for Destroying Democracy . CIA agent Greenwald states around 3min how much the CIA supported Hillary, which is the inverse. At around 6min agent Greenwald can't contain his enthusiasm anymore and comes out in support of Trump, this psycops where a seemingly Trump negative Chomsky is interviewed(previous programs) and then a pro Trump narrative befuddles the edge voters. It pushes the vacillating Hillary voter into Greenpeace, securing Trump's next electoral college victory in 2021.

NSA funding model and Siegel claim that their neural network wizardry allows them to beat the market. This might be so, but a more plausible explanation is that the NSA has realtime insider trading access to what all traders are thinking and doing, running Tensorflow on that will give them an edge. The NSA would have to use some sort of cover to execute their trades. Fact is that the market is random, nobody can consistently beat the market with high volume transactions, unless they machine mine what every trader is about to do, mining it with Overdeck is smarter than Terence Tao, the brightest mathematician in academia. The NSA made Overdeck an offer he couldn't refuse, fabricate a plausible cover story about how his genius is allowing him to predict the markets and become rich in the process. Israel forces those with the proper mental and physical dexterity to become fighter pilots, they don't have a choice in the matter.

Why do you think it is nearly impossible to get a linux based forex and stock market client side trading terminal? Run netstat -ano on your windows machine, scroll down to the bottom where you will see a TCP link to a microsoft server. The NSA knows who is trading and can either intercept your MT4 data or run neural network code inject via microcode right on your laptop cpu.

NSA nuclear options NSA agent John McAfee explain why the Russians could not have implanted the virus.... which is true, the NSA planted it. The NSA wrote the viruses with Minix, on which all operating systems install, and then McAfee's company "found" them through the years, generating a stream of revenue and planting back doors. The NSA is revealing its trade secrets through its Wikileaks and Snowden Psyops because they would rather send a warning then have to actually use the nuclear option and crash Iran, India, Pakistan and China's computing infrastructure. saudi hack attacks are misdirection, it is so that a sense of crises is created allowing US firms to embed themselves in Saudi infrastructure, "false saving" operation. The viruses are implanted inside the CPU silicon and "virus writing" is misdirection.

"... Within minutes of the attack at Tasnee, the hard drives inside the company’s computers were destroyed and their data wiped clean, replaced with an image of Alan Kurdi, the small Syrian child who drowned off the coast of Turkey during his family’s attempt to flee that country’s civil war ... The Shamoon virus first surfaced five years earlier at Saudi Aramco, wiping out tens of thousands of computers and replacing the data with a partial image of a burning American flag. Leon E. Panetta, the United States defense secretary at the time, said the attack could be a harbinger.“An aggressor nation or extremist group could use these kinds of cyber tools to gain control of critical switches,” he said......."

Recent stories about trojans wiping entire company hard drives is the NSA's warning to Iran that all flash drives will be Bleachbitted if they don't stop their secret nuclear enrichment under Zayanderud river, the one they think Israel doesn't know about. As we move to a cashless society, the NSA gains unprecedented power, able to annihilate entire economies. Github's NSA release( of their hacking tools is so that if they destroy every computer in Iran, they have plausible deniability, even to the point where "Anonymous" could be roped in to take the blame. It also allows the cpu open sesame backdoor to flag a sophisticated user attempting counter measures, The NSA controls all computers directly at the CPU level, I think the AMD Opteron was about the last PC NSA proof and they are no longer available.

The Jeff Sessions issue is pressure from the CIA over the sidelining of Bannon in favor of Trump's family members, some who took money from Soros. Agent Ben Shapiro is warning Trump that if he doesn't do what the CIA installed him to do to prevent the destruction of western civilization, he will be forced to resign so Pence can take over. Trump was not prevented from giving a nonsense, rambling interview to the Economist by his advisors, why not? Kanye West obviously has some sort of mental health problem. Trump had to to sit through his unhinged behavior in the oval office(oct 2018), as a psyops to garner black and Latino voters before the midterms.

CIA agent Jill Stein from Greenpeace waited all the way to Oct.2018, just before the midterms to inform us that Russia wasn't involved in Trumps election. Greenpeace taking away Hillary voters, is why Trump won. The US isn't a democracy but a constitutional republic.

NSA media Psyops

Various links by MI6, NSA agents directing the narrative vector. Alastair Crooke is a former British diplomat(MI6) who was a senior figure in British intelligence and in European Union diplomacy. He is the founder and director of the Conflicts Forum. The site is does not allow comments is more calm, calculated and sedate than the NSA other more rabid NSA allows comments and injects its own with AI machine learning bots(Opencv), at certain places it panders more to those infatuated with the mammalian reproductive and excretory system, but not as obnoxious as with . Our popular culture has degenerated to the point where every argument has to involve references to defecating dogs. Even the Economist has succumbed to this. The NSA has to unfortunately adapt its style of discourse to this mental aberration as the responses to the entry on Anonymous being NSA on Reddit suggests. One can't accuse the NSA of being responsible for the Keiser report on RT news, but if you actually can stand just five minutes of that grating sarcastic infantility then you have a mental health problem.

In this video political economy of the mass media chomsky part2 note who is asking the questions. There is one female student most likely not NSA, speaking only in her personal capacity who is so swooned by Chomsky that she gave us a foretaste of the virtue signaling behavior we have to endure. But the other questions are NSA front organizations, their tenor reflecting a honed message discipline. The decline in cognitive assertion allows widespread beliefs in unfalsifiable "chem trails" and 911 conspiracy theories. The most straightforward explanation are that the fragmented security services before 911 weren't allowed to make arrests and act preemptively and installing thermite would have been impossible as it would be detected by all the people working at the towers. Israel warned the US for years to seal off the cockpits, there wasn't any conspiracy by not doing it, merely the usual act after a crises hits behavioral weakness akin to mankind in general. We tend to wait for disaster to strike before taking precautionary measures. , trump and putin , consortiumnews Psychologist Michal Kosinski developed a method to analyze people in minute detail based on their Facebook activity. Did a similar tool help propel Donald Trump to victory? ...SCL, or Strategic Communication Laboratories. Kosinski Googled the company: "[We are] the premier election management agency," says the company's website. SCL provides marketing based on psychological modeling. One of its core focuses: Influencing elections. ...Who exactly owns SCL and its diverse branches is unclear, thanks to a convoluted corporate structure ..... Some of the SCL offshoots have been involved in elections from Ukraine to Nigeria, helped the Nepalese monarch against the rebels, whereas others have developed methods to influence Eastern European and Afghan citizens for NATO. In a 10 minute presentation at the 2016 Concordia Summit, Mr. Alexander Nix discusses the power of big data in global elections. Cambridge Analytica’s revolutionary approach to audience targeting, data modeling, and psychographic profiling has made them a leader in behavioral micro targeting for election processes around the world Agent Snowden on his new boss, Trump. NSA Anonymous on trump. The last fifth of the video shows how much the NSA supports Trump.

Airgapped systems

Airgapping two computers is done by transferring data from an internet connected computer to another pc which is never connected to the internet. The data or passwords on the isolated pc are written to the USB, on a memory location not detectable by any operating system. When the USB is inserted back to the internet connected pc, it is then extracted by magic black box instructions from this secret memory location. To at least detect this BEFORE inserting the USB back into the internet connected pc, physically record every high low transition on the usb port/stick with a logic analyzer and compare this with the data you thought you transferred. The wikipedia article specifically does not mention any of this.

One possible hack is to use OCR software and a camera to read the relevant text you want to transfer between two computers directly of a monitor. Some edits on wikipedia that werer deemed OR: The converted malicious code is passed through ultrasonic waves from one device to other devices using Speakers and Microphones. Speaker in the system emits the converted malicious code and the microphone in the other device receives it and the virus is injected to that device.In a covert acoustical mesh network, more than two computing systems in a shared physical environment (i.e. within the physical communication range between two connected nodes) can be connected to the mesh network and computing systems are able to communicate indirectly by following routing paths over multiple hops.

Thus the NSA can extract your keystrokes via your Android, IPhone communicating with ultrasonic waves. The speaker "feature" on RC drone autopilots uploads the GPS map to your cellphone and NSA.

NSA dictates OS development

The seemingly irrational Linux decisions and Windows decisions were orchestrated by the NSA so that a huge attack vector of API's , Nvidia binary blobs and entropy weakened hardware encryption could be created. Many non-NSA BSD developers couldn't understand what was going on with the Linux developers with commit rights to the Linux kernel tree. Theo Raath was at his wits end, it seemingly didn't occur to anybody that the Linux mess was deliberate(this assumes that Raath isn't an NSA agent). One can presume that the development trajectory of all Unix derivatives were influenced by key coders on the payroll of the NSA.

There is no reason why any computation must be broken up into millions of human-unintelligible instructions before a machine can execute it. Not only is it possible to build a CPU which understands a high-level programming language directly, but such devices were in fact created – many years ago – and certainly could be produced again. It is also eminently possible to build a computer which can be halted by pressing a switch, and made to reveal – in a manner comprehensible to an educated operator – exactly what it is doing and why it is doing it. Can you buy such a computer at your local electronics store? Of course not, the NSA will never allow it.

“Windows Update” is a remote back-door and “Accidental” bugs, of which there is a seemingly-inexhaustible supply, make for just as effective – and, more importantly, deniable back-doors(

Keystroke logging You think you are safe. But wait! Are you running a commercial operating system, like Windows or Mac OS? If so, it has a back door, added by the manufacturer based on a secret request from the US government. The back door allows someone (not necessarily the government, but anybody who knows about it) to install a keystroke logger that captures all your keystrokes and periodically uploads them to some server for analysis. Now all of your communications, and username/password combinations, are known to a third party.

One possible workaround is to click on a grid with a mouse, inserting the numbers. All keystrokes are logged by custom hardware chips on the motherboard itself and funneled over IP6 to the NSA. Under windows open the cmd terminal window and type netstat -ano. Scroll down to the bottom to find scvhost.exe funneling all your data over the IP6 protocol over UDP to the NSA. SCVHOST.exe is part of the windows OS and cannot be removed.

The NSA's password utility attempts to gain direct memory access and has a frequent "bug fixes" release cycle so as send back the passwords. Somewhere on github is a python program that scans memory for keystroke loggers. Rufus is a potent NSA weapon, it is a windows USB boot utility that plants a trojan on any pc with any operating system. The usb copies and and inserts files on the usb stick without either windows or linux giving any indication. This is how air-gapped systems are breached. Attach a logic analyzer to the usb port to detect data this unreported data transfer.


Digitizing files archive ......When you take a picture with your cell phone or a digital camera information called EXIF data is stored inside it. EXIF data can contain information that reveals personal details about you (e.g. GPS location, camera type, etc.). ..... Book liberator.


The traffic is coming from inside the target's machine. Thus, you would have to have complete logs, like through Fiddler or equivalent, and cross-reference that to a Snort or Wireshark session running on another machine. When you see traffic that doesn't match normal system or user traffic, then you have a suspect.

Since this is based on two things: (1) a BIOS component, and (2) a hardware transmitter component, working together.... one way to defeat it is to wipe out the BIOS and upgrade it to your own compiled fully free and open source variant, like This could possibly disable the attack even if the hardware transmitter were hard to spot and physically remained.

Note how tor must be config on vm , win7 can be bypassed

Obfuscated C-code

  • The moral is obvious. You can't trust code that you did not totally create yourself. (Especially code from companies that employ people like me.) No amount of source-level verification or scrutiny will protect you from using untrusted code. In demonstrating the possibility of this kind of attack, I picked on the C compiler. I could have picked on any program-handling program such as an assembler, a loader, or even hardware microcode. As the level of program gets lower, these bugs will be harder and harder to detect. A well installed microcode bug will be almost impossible to detect. openssl deliberately made unreadable by NSA agents part of the core coding team. See as warns on fake certificates. Before the the Snowden release , read somewhere that the NSA has its agents as core openbsd,freebsd,linux etc. kernel coders with commit rights to the source tree. I thought this was just to conspiratorial , after Snowden computing from inside a faraday cage should be standard. Using obfuscated C-code the NSA can hack any linux, ssl system at will.

TOR Recently a high profile talk on de-anonymization Tor users was pulled from Blackhat due to legal issues. Their talk outlined with a budget of $3000 with some powerful servers and multiple gigabit links they were able to de-anonymize hundreds of thousands of users in ‘a couple of months’. Exodus decided to pick up where this talk left off by letting the community know that there are many other vectors for de-anonymization. The vulnerability we have found is able to perform remote code execution with a specially crafted payload. This payload can be customized to unmask a user and show the public IP address in which the user connected from within ‘a couple of seconds’.

NSA antics is NSA software that uses Intel hardware encryption chipsets which the NSA agents with the complicity of Intel(according to various news outlets) has compromised so that the random key generator is not truly entropic and can be decrypted with specialized custom made ASIC chipsets. (Raspberry PI should not be used as web server, its hardware encryption isn't entropic(random) enough.) The max allowable password length is only 32 chars long, because not even the NSA can decrypt a 100 character password. They are not so stupid as to place any software backdoors in truecrypt itself, this would eventually be detected with a software audit, they did something that nobody even thought about: designed their very own chipset and then forced Intel to adopt it. All Truecrypt encrypted code is decrypted by the NSA when uploaded anywhere unto the Internet. The NSA can track down any person uploading to by comparing the file on piratebay with their cached copy of the same file that had to traverse an NSA controlled router, gateway, ISP etc. somewhere in this world. The NSA caches the entire Internet in realtime and especially homes in on encrypted files. Only by encrypting(not using truecrypt) a file before uploading to a torrent sharing site is some measure of protection provided. And even then this must start with i2p -> Tor -> clearnet. It seem that there aren't any file uploading sites that allows for encrypted upload or that allows for Tor based uploads. Tor itself is compromised, begin with i2p and then hop unto Tor.

In South Africa the uploader of the Mandela movie was caught because he rented the DVD with his ID number. It was trivial to contact all the ISP's , with this ID and extract the unencrypted cached copy on their servers linked to him and of course his IP was advertised with the torrent. Had he torrented it over i2p to a Russian contact, it would have at least been encrypted. The NSA will not help decrypt this because they like the British during WWII didn't want the Germans to know their Enigma code was broken, don't want to make it obvious that all i2p, torrent traffic is decrypted.

Fact is - the US authorities were confronted with the following situation: 1. It proved politically impossible to force all creators/distributors of encryption software to implement a backdoor in their products (via law). See a good overview about the history here: 2. However, government and/or government agencies were absolutely convinced that the only way to guarantee security is for the authorities to be able to read the content of encrypted communications. See the document from the US Department of Justice from 1998 quoted above: Note the conclusion: "At bottom, it is important to recognize that society has an important choice to make. On the one hand, it can promote the use of unrecoverable encryption, and give a powerful tool to the most dangerous elements of our global society. On the other hand, it can promote the use of recoverable encryption and other techniques, achieve all of the benefits, and help protect society from these criminals. Faced with this choice, there is only one responsible solution."

So what were the US authorities supposed to do? Just do nothing and watch how "Open Source" encryption programs "take over" the market, because they are free and trustworthy, and where it won't be possible to force the creators to install backdoors like they exist in "Bitlocker"? (yes, Bitlocker is backdoored, which is well know in the law enforcement community)

Well, one possible and perfectly reasonable solution for the authorities could be: Take part in the "open source" community, offer the best program, and then dominate the market! Make a program which will be used all over the world, and which includes a very well concealed backdoor. And that's exactly what they did. They used a cover which was barely credible, as it had the elements of an international, well funded organization with considerable funds, personnel, lawyers etc., but it worked for about 10 years. In the future, we all should just be more careful, and, as I said before, should not ignore the obvious warning signs.

Chat sessions are not encrypted; Pigeon, Aim, Skype etc. You need to encrypt all text with a custom AtmelMicro attached to an RS-232 port with a diode that blocks the read signal. The NSA cannot defy the physics of a diode. This encrypted text is then inserted into the skype session, the person at the other end must have a decrypting AtmelMicro attached and the read the text from the LCD display of the micro. Anything in software on a pc is compromised.

Torvalds and NSA ....n 2013-07-13 12:20 AM, Eugen Leitl [forwarding Matt Mackall <mpm[at]>] wrote: It's worth noting that the maintainer of record (me) for the Linux RNG quit the project about two years ago precisely because Linus decided to include a patch from Intel to allow their unauditable RdRand to bypass the entropy pool over my strenuous objections. Is there a plausible rationale for bypassing the entropy pool? How unauditable is RdRand? Is RdRand unauditable because it uses magic instructions that do unknowable things? Is it designed to actively resist audit? Has Intel gone out of its way to prevent you from knowing how good their true random generation is?

The naïveté of bean-counters and bureaucrats may be excusable; that of seasoned academics and engineers isn’t. Mr. Torvalds eagerly hitched the security of the Linux kernel to Intel’s Trojaned wagon.

FreeBSD10 has reverted recent commits to their source on using Intel compromised chip sets back to random key generation in software only. All Lenovo motherboards have chip sets implanted that "phones home" to China. NSA has so compromised the Android system that no bitcoin wallet is safe on it. Plastic rocks, thrown over the wall, embedded with electronic signal sniffing equipment that can detect keyboard presses, this was how the Iranian nuclear computer systems were penetrated or is this what they want us to believe?

The Stuxnet virus was implanted inside the silicon minix operating system itself. All operating systems win, linux are installed on top of minix. A plausible story had to be spun so as not to reveal how viruses are actually created: at the chip manufacturing plant itself. The NSA's various virus scanning front companies launch these pre inserted viruses in the hope that people install anti-virus programs so that when the program reads the patent application for a nano tech paint invention and the hdd spins up no foul play is suspected.

China's government has a kill switch on 70% of all bitcoin miners, the miner sends out a UDP packet and if it doesn't get a reply back stops mining. All operating systems using Intel are installed on top of the embedded Minix system, which sends out periodic UDP packets to the NSA. If it doesn't get a reply it cuts right through whatever firewall you might have to make contact and can Bleach bit your hdd. This is probably what will happen if Iran is ever attacked, all their computers will be bricked first. Undocumented microcode updates from Intel. Any type of encryption can be bypassed. The NSA could not have forseen something like i2p and tor, by injecting microcode etc. and controlling probably 95% of all i2p nodes they know what anybody is doing on i2p. Java's source code is not available and is obviously so NSA compromised that any magic can be performed on a program written in Java. Appelbaum is the CIA agent to honeypot the sophisticated hacker. Why are the coders of i2p lives not being made difficult? Why have they chosen Java , knowing that not having the source code makes it compromised way more than Python. How are they financially able to commit themselves full time to the project .....?

NSA/FBI honeypots

Password footprint What's happening is that the Windows operating system's memory management leaves data all over the place in the normal course of operations. You'll type your password into a program, and it gets stored in memory somewhere. Windows swaps the page out to disk, and it becomes the tail end of some file. It gets moved to some far out portion of your hard drive, and there it'll sit forever. Linux and Mac OS aren't any better in this regard.

Encrypt the entire hdd and run the operating system from a usb stick, see the NSA linux distribution at for more info on this. .....Even so, none of this might actually matter. AccessData sells another program, Forensic Toolkit, that, among other things, scans a hard drive for every printable character string. It looks in documents, in the Registry, in e-mail, in swap files, in deleted space on the hard drive ... everywhere. And it creates a dictionary from that, and feeds it into PRTK. 50% success rate cracking password.

Qubes linux

Xorg or similar X-based server as your GUI server, and this is what nearly all Linux, and most of the other non-Windows OSes use, then you don't have any form of GUI-level isolation. Second, all mainstream desktop OSes, such as Windows, Linux, BSD, even OSX, are all based on a monolithic kernels, which present a significant security problem. This is because a typical monolithic kernel of a contemporary desktop OS contains tens of millions of lines of code, and to make it worse, most of this code is reachable from (untrusted) applications via all sorts of APIs, making the attack surface on the kernel huge. And it requires just one successful kernel exploit to own the whole system, bypassing any security mechanisms that might have been built on top of it, such as SELinux, LXC, etc. Now, for the best, start another terminal window, and switch to root (e.g. using su, or sudo). Notice how the xinput running as user is able to sniff all your keystrokes, including root password (for su), and then all the keystrokes you enter in your root session. Start some GUI app as root, or as different user, again notice how your xinput can sniff all the keystrokes you enter to this other app! "...Rutkowska wants to work with a few companies and pick two or three specific models that can be "Qubes Certified" laptops. She wrote that Qubes has been in talks with two vendors over the last month, but declined to reveal their names as negotiations are ongoing...."

How would one prevent theses vendors from installing chip backdoors on detecting the Qubes operating system as the NSA has done to detect I2P activity on a pc?

Javascript loads javascript locally to prevent man in the middle server impersonation. Loads javascript locally.

NSA password software Attempts to make TCP/IP connections the whole time. All downloads are probably a man in the middle attack, nobody is really connecting to sourceforge, but to an NSA proxy server. The .exe sourceforge file is obviously NSA compromised. Even compiling the code from source won't reveal the hidden obfuscation

NSA forum trolls"...It isn't actually that difficult to create logic testers to verify proper operation of hardware... they're used for troubleshooting, and by factories for QC before a product even goes out the door. What seems important, now, is that these tests be made available to the public with open APIs. That would, at least, allow researchers to identify infections in the wild, and from there potentially develop software-based identification techniques....'

This quote is a typical attempt at misinformation by NSA forum posters, the rest of his post shows that he has a high level of knowledge and would therefore know that 'APIs' won't help: NSA has 5G tracking embedded inside every Microcontroller, which is why not a single high impact drone attack has been pulled off.


FINISHED! You are at the registration page for Agora.

Any VPN .exe file to download is an obvious scam, the exe file provides the authorities direct access to your TOR activities. "...Remember that anonymity should be your MAIN FOCUS. You should use a VPN along with Tor browser so your ISP wont know you are using Tor to access darknet markets. ISP’s can tell you are using Tor and they are logging your use. A VPN will hide this from the..."

And VPN software installed will send the decrypted data back to the NSA, is a front for the NSA providing false information(the .com domain is the first warning flag, why not .cr? ). There is not much anybody can do about their ISP figuring out TOR usage , maybe will help.


The thing is that a number of us have been on top of them quite well. We've continually pushed for the larger INFOSEC industry to see and act on these risks. They were called speculative, impractical, overly paranoid, nonexistent, and so on. My own framework called for everything from custom firmware to strong TCB's to covert channel mitigation at the cache level. The industry just doesn't listen or learn ***** compared to many other fields.

A great, recent example was the covert channel attack on cloud services that used a covert channel published years before and predicted over a decade before. Why didn't we see those coming since we figured them out over a decade ago? Why do people keep rediscovering this same issue that attackers at NSA's level actually know how to use? This applies to too many things in INFOSEC.

A few were interested in how a high assurance security engineer would look at these points. So, let's have a look. :)

1. Adherence to classification/secrecy.

Yes, this is the norm rather than the exception. I predicted that anything this risky would be in SAP's with dedicated personnel, paperwork, host systems, networks, and so on. The information would be behind guards with people deciding what could be released at what level. People doing these SAP's are *highly* vetted people. Summaries of their results could be released under certain clearances and to certain people. It would be highly compartmentalized with few seeing the big picture or how it was used in practice.

The leaks showed the technologies were developed in SAP's with selective release under codeword. Easy prediction given it's the black program M.O. I've even posted their public security guides here. The surprise was that so much access was concentrated at Booz with so little security and monitoring. I expected at least a little more given the Manning leaks. Especially since the data is so close to SAP's. The expectation that did pass is that the Snowden leaks aren't SAP's that I can see: just summaries and briefings without the full data and tech that's still compartmentalized. That system works so long as the personnel aren't infiltrators (esp Chinese and Russian).

2. You thought they were someone else.

We all do that. Proxies, black hat attack tools, strategies copied out of [good] hacking guides... anything to blend in. The NSA has it better given the huge number of both organized crime and nation states involved in hacking. If I were them, I'd use their vast monitoring systems and partnership with groups like Mandiant to obtain exact MO + toolset of these organizations. Then, their own people can use them.

Another possibility was that the tools are becoming standardized enough that it's hard to tell who is who. These range from all-in-one kits on hacker forums to professional tools sold by the likes of Finfisher. We know both types are sold to a broad customer base of people committing espionage. This might lead their attacks to look a bit similar with the customization aspects, originating IP's, and behavioral profiles being the identifier.

3. You were looking at the wrong level.

I proved this by posting my own framework in a discussion on secure code vs secure systems. Most developers were satisfied if it ran a NIX with enhanced security "features," some crypto protocols, code audits of app, and maybe things like Stackguard. The TCB concept dictates security must be baked in ground up and the common standard was bogus. Extra nails in the coffin came from defense contractors and NSA classifying those as for "inadvertant and casual attempts to breach security." They then rated the whole market at that level (or below!) of security minus a few exceptions that mainly sold to them.

So, we've been saying it a while now. INFOSEC pro's were stubborn, industry just pushes nonsense customers want, and customers didn't want to sacrifice legacy for real security. Result was predictable.

4. Some beautiful misdirection.

That's really just 2 with less incompetence. This might include planting evidence on the system for pro's to find that point in a different direction. Smokescreens abound with professionals.

5. They were playing chess and you were playing checkers.

I love this one: it's absolutely true. NSA themselves already defined the Orange Book A1 and C.C. EAL6+ High Robustness requirements that determine when they will *start* to trust something against software attacks by High Strength Attackers. Their own pentesters often couldn't beat such systems. Instead, they worked to come up with more clever integrations of those with legacy systems and ways to apply such rigorous methods more cheaply to *defense systems*. Their teams also leverage all that security engineering expertise to identify and hit anything not developed to such criteria.

Which brings us to most proprietary and FOSS technologies: low to medium robustness through and through. These are build by so many people doing systems development who don't know how to do covert channel analysis, what a trusted path is, the importance of secure SCM, how precise security/design specs + simplified implementation can mitigate developer subversion, the benefits of non-x86 hardware, and so on. Even most smart people doing mainstream INFOSEC are so far removed from true security engineering that it's like they're playing a different, amateur game altogether. Pro tip: pro attackers can only be defeated by pro defenses. Security has no amateur league [that wins].

6. Your "experts" failed you miserably.

This builds on 5 actually. I've had to explain to top, press-making people in this field why a user-mode driver is better than a kernel-mode driver, how their idea is full of covert channels, and even that secure systems can't be built on OS's with megabytes of privileged code. The field inherently has trouble maintaining and passing on the wisdom learned from prior generations who designed or fielded highly secure systems. We need to work on that. I've done my part at evangelizing high assurance design but it will take a large, organized effort to actually succeed. Specifics of that are still an open question.

The other part of this issue is the "experts." These are people who are believed to be experts due to possessing certifications, references from clueless companies, and references from INFOSEC companies. As they're all doing low assurance, the expert is guaranteed to be clueless on building highly robust systems. However, he or she might be quite knowlegeable on what the industry focuses on. Industry and its experts are another issue though: pushing fake or ineffective solutions is profitable so they do that pervasively. Combine these effects, you probably have most of the professionals in the field and their collective voices drown out naysayers like myself promoting the strong stuff.


Answer is No 7: all of the above. The problems all feed into each other to become quite a vicious circle. The good news is that high assurance security engineering and practical approximations of it are still around. Lots of different companies and projects are working on the strong stuff:'s SAFE processor; CHERI capability processor; DARPA secure fabrication work; new networking designs like MinimaLT; easy, strong crypto like NaCl; stronger virtualization like HAVEN and SKPP kernels; driver synthesis with Termite2; fundamentally better OS architecture like GenodeOS, EROS, or JX OS. The list goes on.

Moreover, such methods have more funding and publicity than ever before. Still a blip on the larger IT and INFOSEC radar. However, the methods aren't lost, many pro's are focused on secure endpoints, and some are even compatible with legacy software. World's always getting darker but future for widespread high assurance is at least a little brighter. Meanwhile, study on what's known about building highly robust systems and *apply it* in every component you can.

jdgalt • February 12, 2015 12:19 AM

What jumped out at me from the first article was that PBXes (private telephone exchanges) are one of the targets. No wonder the industry is resisting measures that would defeat people who use a PBX to fake their caller ID when they spam -- the government uses those loopholes, so it wants them to remain open.

Securing the phone network would be a much harder job than securing the internet. Fortunately it isn't necessary. VOIP and similar services are fast making traditional phones completely unnecessary.

Paul Henning Kamp OpenSSH including ssh(1), scp(1), sftp(1), ssh-add(1), ssh-agent(1), ssh-keygen(1), sshd(8), sftp-server(8): Started by Aaron Campbell, Bob Beck, Dug Song, Markus Friedl, Niels Provos, and Theo de Raadt as a fork of SSH 1.2.12 by Tatu Ylonen. Imported September 26, 1999 and first released with OpenBSD 2.6. Now maintained by Markus Friedl, Damien Miller, Darren Tucker, and Theo de Raadt

Theo claims that he can support himself solely by his bsd coding, any of the contributions your living expenses form the NSA perhaps? For somebody who complains about the coding mess in linux, isn't it perturbing that he insists on five levels of indirection to open a text file in openssl using (if(0)) statements? by How close is Kamp to Snowden, did KMP release first time information, that nobody else had access to? If so then he is NSA all the way, because nobody pawns the NSA. He discusses NSA Operation Orchestra, the fudging of SSL. The API is confusing, documentation deficient and defaults misleading. Kamp seems to have very intimate knowledge about just how ssl was corrupted. In the video he informs us that Glen Greenwald( won't release damaging Snowden leaks, how well does Kamp know Greenwald? Everybody is assuming that the NSA got hacked, actually the NSA is releasing all this info, desperately trying to prevent Israel from attacking Iran, by convincing Iran the NSA can crash their computing infrastructure.

If Iran is attacked, it will result in a depression forcing the Fed to take rates down to -5%. The 2008 crises necessitated a stimulus package of $15trillion. China already represents a systemic risk with $31 trillion in debt, they functioned as a shock absorber spending trillions in stimulus as seen with their empty cities. To put $31 trillion into perspective, it was $3.7trillion 10 years ago with the start of the financial crises. Greece has shown us how people can stop having kids, with negative demographics we have a vicious spiral we cannot pull out of.

All our growth has been a leverage on China. Oil prices, iron ore, copper, real estate, and today’s global cyclical recovery are all directly tied back to China. And this can all continue for a time. Or end abruptly and it probably will with their negative demographics. See energy China economica , why the world economy will eventually implode. But they won't be able to create such massive credit again if world growth collapses as it will with an attack on Iran. If Fed rates go down to -5% , it won't ever recover leading to a pension crises. Snowden is an NSA act of desperation. Iran must stop their nuclear program, Israel isn't going to allow it.

Imagine that only three people are left on earth, one in the USA, Europe and Japan and they each have debts of $50tril, $40tril and $20tri: what are these figures then even supposed to mean? If energy were ever to become free and abundant via some solar breakthrough, then all debt which is a claim on energy production, will have their yields turn negative. Solar energy is held back by the inability to produce a cheap tracking device that can give 1/10 of a degree resolution. Since tracking devices which can produce 1/10 are expensive , it necessitates larger structures which have a qubic cost relationship.


Veracrypt and , yet another NSA front (the .com is first problem, .com allows the NSA easier man-in-the middle attack vector then say .cr that kat uses). Sure you can probaly use this to upload journal papers to Libgen dot info, by first sending the encrypted file to a contact in Russia and have the Russian upload it to libgen. Over some encrypted link (tor chat), micro with diode blocking the password to decrypt the file in Russia is sent. Anything uploaded over clearnet is cached, by comparing the copies on the routers, the NSA can figure out who uploaded what. , , Beyond just GNOME apps and tools being stripped of options, Red Hat employee and lead GNOME developer William Jon McCann was caught opening a bug report on the independent Transmission BitTorrent client telling the developers that its panel notification feature should be removed. Why? Merely because GNOME 3 no longer supports a panel: “Transmission has an option in the Desktop tab of the preferences to ‘Show Transmission icon in the notification area’. This should probably be removed.” Transmission developer Charles replied, “So now we can have three builds of Transmission that decide at compile time whether to use AppIndicator, GtkStatusIcon or nothing at all… Removing it altogether, as you suggest, will hurt Xfce users.” McCann replied, “I guess you have to decide if you are a GNOME app, an Ubuntu app, or an Xfce app unfortunately… And I have no idea what Xfce is or does, sorry. It is my hope that you are a GNOME app.” Charles’s reply to this: “*speechless*”.