Electricity solution for mines , Eskom and geysers Edit

A mine setups a few hundred StirlingEngine in parallal. Each engine is powered with a thermal battery heated with ParabolicTrough. On a cloudy day the thermal batteries allows for uninterrupted operation as the solar radiation varies. In very wet weather gas burners fire up to maintain the thermal batteries at StirlingEngine operating temperature for 24hous a day. Coal can be used by gas reduces pollution. Eskom and the SA government should consider buying the IP from and mass produce thousands of decentralized power plants close to heavy industry,mines, residents etc. With the amount of sunshine(6Kwhours) we have Eskom could completely eliminate burning coal and only use limited amounts of natural gas during peak wet rainy seasons, producing electricity much cheaper than large coal or nuclear power plants. The energy conversion efficiency of StirlingEngine is 20% compared to 15% of an Eskom turbine. A StirlingEngine heated by one square meter of solar radiation(6kwatthours) produces 1.5kwatt,220volt (20% of 6kwatt) of electricity. One hectar of StirlingEngines produce 10Megwatt electricity.

Heating a geyser: TAke six roles of 100m 15mm poly pipe. Roll each roll in a spiral bunched close together and lay on the roof, connecting each spiral to the next. Pump swimming pool water through it to heat the pool or pump geyser water for domestic hot water usage. Enough heat is absorbed through 600m of pipe to heat a swimming pool, thus a geyser can also be brought to operating temperature.

Store hot water in separate galvanized tanks, rapped in fiber glass and sheets of polystyrene which keeps the water warm for more than a week, allowing a continues supply of hot water if sunshine is intermittent.

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