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* Aptera Vehicles  Three wheel with 0.15 drag coefficient  Hack whatever patent. 

SUV drag is 0.40, bakkie side windows create 0.15. Four wheel motor car conversion isn'y viable in the SA context, it is just to expensive. But a tricile conversion will work because a motor bike is to dangerous on the roads and can't transport goods.

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Chevron are squashing NiMH batteries by a key patent that expires in 2015. NiMH is one sixth the cost of Lithium batteries and is at present the only viable cost effective way of creating a battery driven car. Lets us manufacture the battery ourselves using a FrontingCompany. South-Africa's legal sytem is a shambles it would take up to 5 years just for a court case to go to court for patent infringement. By then we setup another FrontingCompany and the whole process takes another 5 years. All sorts of schemes can be devised such as manufacturing key components on separate premises etc. Small petrol driven vehicles can easily be converted to three phase or DC electric drive. See ElectricCar. Oil imports is destroying our economy we should do everything we can to stop the outflow of US dollars to Chevron we simply don't have. If we could become only dependent on Sasol for petrol our interest rates and inflation figures would fall resulting in robust economic growth. Under SA law patent infringement is a civil issue and trademark infringement is a criminal issue. You can't go to jail for a civil matter and this loophole in our law can thus be exploited via our FrontingCompany.

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Alternative Energy Policies a Boon For Inflatable Electric Car | | from the inflatable-submersible-still-struggling dept. | | posted by Soulskill on Saturday June 27, @05:13 (Transportation) | | | +--------------------------------------------------------------------+

Brian Stretch writes with a story about the Mini Utility Vehicle prototype from XP Vehicles, [0]an electric car that is partly inflatable. The recent struggles of the auto industry and a political climate that supports the development of alternative energy vehicles have given the car a better chance at actually hitting the market. Quoting: "Building a car takes many years and tens to hundreds of millions of dollars traditionally. XP is able to cut a lot of the costs and timeframe because its car has 70 percent less parts than a regular car, and the company is using novel materials that require simpler factory devices, and production and manufacturing processes that lower the cost to deploy. ... The seat is inflatable, the dashboard is inflatable, and the internal structure and carrying racks are inflatable, or a mesh suspension. Instead of requiring six-axis robots, XP uses radio frequency welders that look like giant waffle irons. The factory equipment is much less expensive and the car simply has less parts that could fail. The motors are built into the rear wheels in most XP prototypes. The first cars to reach the market will have two rear hub motors and a motor controller, that's it."

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