Kestrel engineering Edit

See Kestrel at SoftwareDefinedRadio to help with consulting work. Edit The expertise of Photon Engineering is available under two broad, flexible types of contracts: “Time and materials” contract Under this type of contract, there is no predetermined statement of work; the client generally has an optical engineering idea/problem he wishes to investigate/solve and we tackle the project from there. We work closely with the client to understand the idea/problem, select the optimum software and technical approach, and then work with the client towards an optimal solution.

To initiate a “time and materials” contract, the client issues a purchase order with an optional “not-to-exceed” funding level; TASKS are invoiced at a fixed hourly rate. The specifics, schedule, and hours allocated to each task are negotiated, sometimes on a day-to-day basis, as the work progresses. In this way the client controls both work product and costs. With frequent reports, discussions and other client interactions (also sometimes on a day-to-day basis), Photon Engineering acts like a virtual "in-house" engineering resource without the associated overhead.

Sunsat v.d. Merwe Edit

Rudolp who designed the Sunsat systm -  AtmelMicro   

Zartash Edit Help in Modulation Techniques, Transmission Systems ( PSTN, GSM, Fiber Optics), Communication Networks and Computer Networks. Digital,...

Techsoft Edit

Not available at present

Ettus consulting Edit - SoftwareDefinedRadio

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