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Encoder feedback for arbitrarily precise movements. video review , , This project is all about accuratly driving brushless motors, for cheap. The aim is to make it possible to use inexpensive brushless motors in high performance robotics projects.

osmc Edit opensource esc controller for ground robots .

Vedder esc Edit Bldc clone. Forty forks on github. Used for skateboard dc powered motion. C SOURCE CODE SimonK in contrast is a compiled hex file. Uses RToS. Use this code on the hardware from OsmcRobotics.

Sapog Edit from px4

offthegridsun Edit for $99

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L298N code.

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Tgy ESC Edit 247 forks

Servo Edit Mod servos for continues rotation.

Motor control Edit The Motor Control API, which was added to the IOIO library in version 5.00 makes it easy to control a large variety of such setups with very high accuracy and speed. What it does essentially is generate digital waveforms of various kinds, which correspond to different kinds of actuators.

ESC settings Edit Match the prop, low voltage motors with Esc settings. Use opto couplers to prevent ground loops and current spikes.

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Remove the low pass filter on the ESC, allowing higher P(proportional) control values, which stabilizes the quad in wind gusts. Standard ESC not meant for quad control but for aircraft.

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see mikrokopter BLCD

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h bridge Edit uses TIP147 , 125watt.

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