Lets presume 30 people connect to 10 adjacent houses via Ronja. These 10 adjacent houses in turn aim ONE 5.8ghz parabolic dish to the JAWUG highsite. Thus 30 people share one Wi-Fi transmitter, instead of each of these 30 people aiming 30 individual 5.8ghz dishes to a JAWUG highsite sector antenna using up limited bandwidth.

The houses adjacent share between them a DsLam network. Each house has 3 RONJA FreeSpaceOptics to connect distant 1.4km users. The DsLam network in turn parcels out the bandwidth to each of the 40 users from the single 5.8ghz antenna. Each RONJA provides 10meg, thus the local LAN created has more than enough bandwidth , since each RONJA would first go through the local DsLam network before connecting to the other RONJA or 5.8ghz MeshNetworking link. Wi-Fi signal to noise ratio S/N is not that of WiMax , thus it isn't optimizing the spectrum as much as WiMax does.

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