Multiple Drillboxes must be installed around a perimeter. VibratoryPlow around the a perimeter. Lay 20mm LDPE and install TwistedPair, Rg-58,Molex ATX connector for desktop PC, Alarm cable and CAT-5 Ethernet cable. At various points on the LDPE install DrillBoxes and connect muyltiple types of cable to the drillbox. At these points any Ethernet device, PIR or analog camara can be installed. Ideally the communications cable should be layed before the house is even built. Plow around the house and install four types of cable(total of 8pairs of cable) inside a 40mm LDPE:

* CAT-5 Ethernet
* TwistedPair for ADSL modem connecting to a DsLam
* RG-58 Analogue camera cable
* Alarm cable wire for PIR sensors.
* Alarm cable lasers beams.
* Alarm cable smoke detectors.
* TwistedPair for an ["RS485"] - RS485 link. 
* TwistedPair for VideoBaluns
* 12v on a 2.5mm power cable. (For ATX connector to power a desktop PC)
* 5v on a 2.5mm power cable.
* 2.5mm pair for 220v.

The DrillBox will contain jacks for Ethernet, TwistedPair and RG-58 analog video camera. See ConfiguringAlarmSystem Use an RJ-11 telephone TwistedPair jack on the DrillBox for the Inhep PIR system. This enables the easy installation of a PIR by simply inserting a jack into the socket on the DrillBox. Follow the links on TwistedPair for telephone jacks. Power the Drillbox with a 12v Switch-mode power supply line. 220v could be used by an intruder to power a powertool to cut through burglar bars and should only be activated from inside the house as needed. See EmbeddedPc , DcDcConverters for ATX-to-ATX adaptors to enable a PC to be powered from an AC-DC PC powersupply over a long distance. Galvanised pipe is inserted into the ground, bringing the wires to the surface.

Weather effects and preventing condensation Edit

OutdoorBox , HardWare

Riser pipes and wire guards Edit

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