configuring the dap 1150 AP 802.11bgn access point or any other access point. Home has wired router from telco adsl line which connects to a switch.

  • Connect AP to laptop with ethernet cable.
  • Computer won't see ap because it needs to be configured with a StaticIp first. Youtube has videos on setting up a static ip.
  • ipconfig /all will reveal the static ip address for computer.
  • Enter this at the network configuration page.
  • type out in full: http://dlinkap , this will bring up a browser window with Dlink network configuration utility.

start firefox and enter ip , the dlink page will display. set the ap to wpa2 encryption and password. Save settings and exit page. Go back to your windows 7 network configuration tool and reset it back to receive a DHCP lease , removing the static IP.

remove the AP and its cat5 cable from the laptop ethernet fixed wired port and plug the AP cat5 cable into the hard wired switch , which is connected to the fixed wired adsl router.

make certain under detect wireless network that the laptop did not pick up a wi-fi signal from the AP , if so remove any dlink AP entry which it would have automatically stored on connection to the ap via its inbuilt 802.11 wi-fi modem. This happens under windows 7 but not xp it seems.

click on the small network icon in the right bottom corner of the laptop and connect to the AP, it will ask for password and connect the laptop via WIFI to the Internet.

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