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7kw diy motor Edit This is a practical handbook which, step by step, describes how to build a powerful electric motor the Do-It-Yourself-way. The whole building process is covered in detail with photos documenting every step on the way. 978-91-633-6172-2

A motor built according to these instructions weighs around 10 kg. The outer diameter is 366 mm, and width about 120 mm, the output shaft and threaded mounting rods/bolts not included. The maximum power input is not yet determind. The motor built in this book handles 7 kW continuously with bursts up to 18 kW without any visible damage.

The motor could be used to propel a light motorcycle, a smaller boat, an ultralight aircraft and many other exciting creations. The motor is a “brushless double-sided axial flux permanent magnet 3-phase AC air core air cooled hall-effect sensor Delta connected-motor”. One unique feature is that this motor can be built in a sensorless split stator version powered by 7 R/C hobby ESCs. This split stator version can, in some applications, be an economically attractive alternative to the hall sensor version, which is normally powered by a more expensive hall sensor dependant controller.

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