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Direct Buried Duct Edit

* Micro trenching done on Asphalt/Concrete road by Hydraulic wheel saw (Diamond cutting)
* MicroDuct placed inside micro trench.
* Trench Size 12mm Wide X 150 mm Deep is cut into the tar road using the DappermuisLicense.
* Duct size 10/5.5 mm
* Duct wall thickness 2.25 mm
* Installation Direct bury (1 to 4 nos)
* Avoid most of the protective materials as in case of DBC 
* After installation blow the micro cable
* Micro trench is sealed with Ferment, a type of poly concrete
* All the advantages of Micro technology available

After cuttng the trench through the tar road a 10mm foamstrip is inserted. Upto 5 microducts are stacked on top of each other, allowing a total of 12 fibers to cross the road. On top of the ducts a 10mm rubber cord is placed, then a 20mm steel spacer are inserted and the Ferment poly concrete poured to seal the micro trench. The concrete pavement itself is cut with a the wheel saw to run the fiber from building to building and then repaired using PolyConcrete. See

The fiber are cablejetted into the microducts, CableJettingAndPipes

Links Edit

* 021 856 0529 (South-Africa) 
* CableJettingAndPipes

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